Culture Champions

Where do faculty and staff at UMSN go for support and information on how to address potentially difficult situations that involve colleagues or students?

Cultural Synergies at UMSN 

UMSN Culture Champions

The following staff and faculty members are part of the UMSN Culture Champions. Reach out to them with ideas on what you'd like to see at the UMSN workplace. 

Carrie Bachler, course schedule and student records coordinator





Esther Bay, clinical associate professor





Mike Brinich, director of communications and marketing





Tina Chang, instructional technology designer





Nadia Charania, clinical assistant professor





Maureen Coerdt, assistant dean for administration





Patricia Hurn, dean





Danielle Garner-Jones, administrative assistant





Janis Miller, professor, faculty omsbud





Kinnothan Nelson, directory of technology





Rob Ploutz-Snyder, research professor





Marie-Anne Sanon Rosemberg, assistant professor





Denise Saint-Arnault, associate professor





Julia Seng, professor





Lori Stautz, director of business analysis and financial operations





Olga Yakusheva, associate professor