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Returning nursing students share their experiences abroad with the UMSN community on M Deep Blue. You can search by country, experience type, year or student name. 

Travel Resources

  • A complete checklist of essential travel information and resources.
  • If you are a student traveling with a U-M program, check that your travel is registered on MCompass. If not, you can easily register your travel here

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To recognize the impact of nurses and midwives and celebrate throughout the year with global health impact events series, we invite you to join us in the upcoming U-M School of Nursing events. 

This list will continue to be updated with event details below:  

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U-M Travel Guides and Checklists

  • U-M Student Travel Guide: This comprehensive guide provides in-depth travel information for students from all U-M campuses.
  • Pre-Departure Checklist for Individual Travel:  This checklist identifies key tasks that you will need to complete before departure, from host country research to travel documents and packing.
  • Practical Tips: Applicable for seasoned travelers and those going abroad for the first time, this suite of resources includes pre-departure tips and tricks.  Use the Travel TipsPacking Tips, and Plan for the Land worksheets to ensure that your travel logistics are covered.  Take your preparation one-step further with Before you go abroad: Consider what you know to dive deeper into the context of your host country.

Language Resources

Independent Language Learning Resources 

The LSA Language Resource Center has amazing resources for students that are interested in language learning. We encourage you to check out their website because it has many opportunities like:

Learn more about foreign language conversation opportunities. 

Language Immersion/Study Abroad 

M-Compass is a perfect guide to find interesting language focused study abroad programs. For those that only speak English there are some study abroad programs do not need a language requirement or are oriented to beginning language students

To navigate M-Compass:

  1. Click options and press Advanced Search
  2. Narrow your search on the specific location and term you want
  3. click yes to foreign language required (or country preferred if you wish to find programs in English or for beginners)

Having trouble figuring out which option is right for you? Make an appointment with the Office of Global Affairs:

Language and Area Studies Courses 

There are many language classes offered at U-M. A few examples are listed below:

Spanish 283- Spanish for the Profession FA 2019 3 - Dorantes, Maria De Lourdes

RCASL 100 Introduction to Deaf Culture FA 2019 3 Berwanger, Paula D

ASIAN 352- Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Premodern China

To find courses focused on a specific language or region explore the departments listed below:

Language Clubs

Clubs are one of the ways to continue practicing a language in a fun informal setting and to meet students from across the University. Maize Pages will help you find the right learning community:

  • Japanese Language Circle
  • American Sign Language Club
  • Arabic Club at The University of Michigan
  • Russian Club
  • German Club at the University of Michigan
  • Italianissimo
  • Swahili Club
  • Spanish Club at the University of Michigan

Identities Abroad 

We encourage all nursing students to go abroad as part of The University of Michigan’s commitment to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As you consider international travel, the following pages will help you explore some of the social identities in different contexts.

U-M student organizations 

U-M has a wealth of student organizations devoted to global health, many of which offer opportunities for volunteering and service learning abroad listed on the Maize Pages. Many nursing students have attended programs through UM Student Organizations below:

International career guidance

  • The U-M International Career Pathways network hosts events for undergraduates, graduating seniors and graduate students interested in working, interning or volunteering abroad or working in an international career.
  • The International Opportunities Fair provides students the opportunity to meet with and obtain information from organizations and recruiters from around the world.

International Nursing Students NCLEX Information

Please note that all School of Nursing graduate students must have a U.S. nursing license. If you have not already done so, you will need to obtain CGFNS Certification. After obtaining this certification, international students will be allowed to sit for the NCLEX-RN exams. International students are required to pass the NCLEX-RN exam by the first day of classes. Please contact the Office of Global Affairs at if you have questions about licensing.

Global Health Information and Resources

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Please contact the Office of Global Affairs for more information on global health and travel resources: