The Innovator Pathway

Phase 1

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Idea Generation

Phase 2

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  Idea Development & Refinement  

Phase 3

Business Planning & Execution

Phase 4

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Launch / Promote / Monitor

  • Identify a problem / need / opportunity.
  • Brainstorm creative solutions.
  • Outline the core idea and its key basic elements.
  • Conduct customer discovery.
  • Conduct competitive benchmarking (if applicable).
  • Develop detailed concept(s) for idea.
  • Test feasibility.
  • Review and refine concept(s).
  • Develop prototype of  how idea will be represented to the target. 
  • Develop business case.
  • Identify investment funds, if needed, to underwrite development / launch.
  • Produce program / process / product.
  • Produce any needed marketing materials.
  • Launch the innovation to intended target.
  • Generate awareness of and create interest in the innovation.
  • Monitor launch efforts and adjust as needed.

Bring the idea to the HiiP team to initiate collaboration on the innovation process.

Work with HiiP innovation coach to develop, refine and optimize idea and assess feasibility.

Create business plan / innovation / supportive materials for launch with HiiP.

Celebrate your success!

Then set up system/metrics for progress checks on the innovation’s launch.


“This innovation pathway has helped me in three important ways:

1. I have come to appreciate the value of my ABC innovation; 2. I have learned to translate my 'static' product into action with the help of Ann Fitzsimons; and 3. I feel personally valued in this process. I could not have brought my ABCs to the public without becoming involved in this nursing innovator cohort.”

Carol J Boyd, Ph.D., RN, FIAAN, FAAN


Carol Boyd