Clinical placements


Experience in a clinical setting in an integral part of all U-M School of Nursing academic programs. Through working side-by-side with some of the best nursing and medical professionals in the country, our students benefit from the knowledge and hands-on learning that is only possible through actually applying theoretical skills in practice.

Placements in clinical settings for undergraduate and graduate students is handled separately. Undergraduate clinical placement is managed through the Undergraduate Studies Office and graduate clinical placement is handled through the Practice and Professional Graduate Programs Office. Contact the office you need: or


To expose our students to the variety of practice settings and specialty fields available to them as professionals, we strive to provide diverse clinical experience locations. Specific locations change from year to year, but past locations have included:

From units within major health systems and hospitals to community based facilities and educational enrichment programs, our students delve into all facets and applications of nursing, challenging them to expand their skills and perspectives while also fostering the creativity and resourcefulness fundamental to successful nursing practice.


Many students’ clinical placement locations will require some travel. Students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical sites and should consider this factor when calculating their educational expenses.

More information

For more details about the clinical placement experience, including information about key logistics and practicalities, see the student handbooks. Also see the compliance requirements page for details about the paperwork that must be filed before entering a clinical practice facility.