Advancing a Culture of Innovation

U-M School of Nursing Innovation “Defined”

HiiP is working to further a “Culture of Innovation” at the U-M School of Nursing for both faculty and students through a broad, inclusive definition of what it is, or can be.

How HiiP defines nursing innovation

Nursing Innovation is/are:

In the end, nursing innovation is simply doing something new or thinking about something in a new way - a new process, a new QI improvement, a new clinical practice, a new program, or an intervention.

To be more specific:

Nursing Innovation Is...

  • Something nurses already do naturally at the bedside and the research benchtop
  • Curious by nature
  • Valued by the patients/families/healthcare organizations/end users it is created to benefit
  • Impactful in some big or small way (commercially or for social public good)
  • Not afraid to challenge the current/old ways of doing things
  • Ideally sustainable and scalable
  • Transformative…it makes things better
  • Fragile and needs being cared for and cultivated
  • So needed to improve healthcare delivery and outcome



Nursing Innovation Does NOT Have to Be...

  • A medical device, app, or medical technology
  • Profitable/make money
  • A solo experience that nurses do by themselves; find a tribe or create a team and get going
  • Underwritten with a lot of money at the start; thinking and working outside the box help stretch scarce resources

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