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Innovation Webinars & Podcasts

HiiP Innovation Week 2024 Innovator Showcase, Innovation Conference Panel Sessions & Webinar on Nurse-Led Transformation

The Healthcare Innovation Impact Program (HiiP) recently held its second Nursing Innovation Week from February 5th-9th, with the theme of “Nursing Innovation:  Choices and Challenges.”  Below are recordings of some of the key highlight events from the week.

A UMSN Nursing Faculty Innovator Showcase, featuring nine of our own UMSN Faculty speaking about their own innovations which range in scope from early seed ideas to full-blown programs that have launched into the marketplace.  Please tune in as you will definitely be inspired by these Nurse Faculty innovator stories.



A webinar hosted by our HiiP Student Innovation Ambassadors on “Taking Health to New Levels Through Nurse-Led Transformation” featuring Molly McCarthy, MBA, RN-BC, the current Global Go-to-Market Excellence Leader for Enterprise Informatics at Phillips and former US Chief Nursing Officer at Microsoft.

Five of our Panel Sessions from the inaugural Nursing Innovation Conference on:

Nursing Innovation Lessons Learned

An Introduction to Socially Engaged Design for Innovation

Innovation Challenges & How to Overcome Them

The Need for Nursing Student Innovation Education and Experiences

Choices of Different Innovation Pathways




Inspire, Innovate and Impact Nursing Innovation 

Welcome to the University of Michigan School of Nursing Healthcare Innovation Impact Program's (HiiP) Nursing innovation podcast series, Inspire, Innovate, Impact, which will explore nursing innovation-related topics, provide key resources for faculty and students, and share and celebrate nurse innovator stories from both experts’ and nursing students’ points of view.

New Student View Podcast. A seasoned nurse innovator & entrepreneur & her creation of a new program & non-profit

New student views podcast where two Student Nurses interview a seasoned Nurse Innovator & Entrepreneur & her creation of a new program & non-profit

Episode 4 is a Students’ Views podcast which includes an interview by two of HiiP’s Student Innovation Ambassadors –Hannah Slawson and Linnea Brunvand – with Dr. Julia Seng, innovator of Survivor Moms’ Companion, a program for new moms who have experienced trauma. She walks us through her journey from teaching to nursing, research to writing a book, and partnering with a nonprofit in the development of a psychoeducational program to forming her own nonprofit. Despite her inexperience with funding an organization, she shares how the resources provided by the University of Michigan helped her regain the intellectual property rights to her program and establish funding to ensure its’ sustainability.
Listen to Episode 4


Podcast. New episode. Ann Fitzsimons & Tina Suntres

Listen in for a basic primer for nurses on protecting your intellectual property 

Episode 3 is a brief tutorial on all things intellectual property.  Ann Fitzsimons, the Nursing Portfolio Manager & Engagement Specialist from the Healthcare Innovation Impact Program (HiiP) at the University of Michigan School of Nursing interviews Tina Suntres, Assistant Director, Software, Content Licensing and Research Partnerships from the University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships office on a variety of topics related to intellectual property  and nursing innovations.  These topics include what intellectual property is, what the University’s policies are around IP ownership, what an Invention Disclosure Report is and why you should file one, how to attribute copyright to your work, what IP protection benefits are afforded to Nurse Innovators, and more.  This podcast answers some of the most frequently-asked questions that HiiP encounters in working with its Nurse Innovators.
Listen to Episode 3


Portrait of Linnea Brunvard, Brenna James, Hannah Slawson

Learn from a Student Nurse about her Nursing Innovation Journey (Student Innovation Ambassadors)

Episode 2 is a Students' Views podcast which includes an interview by two of HiiP’s Student Innovation Ambassadors --Hannah Slawson and Linnea Brunvand -- with Brenna James, one of the winners of the inaugural University of Michigan School of Nursing’s Innovate4Change Hackathon. In this episode, Brenna shares her story of nursing innovation as a nursing student, including when she started viewing herself as an innovator. She shares how she, and a fellow nursing student, saw a need to provide education and support for new moms and their babies at the bedside before going home in areas of high infant mortality and how they created and piloted their innovative program, Mother Nurture. She also shares updates about how and where Mother Nurture is still being used today.
Listen to Episode 2


Portrait of Rhonda Schoville

Hear from an Expert on Navigating the Path Forward in Nursing Innovation & Why It’s Needed

Episode 1 is an informative discussion on nursing innovation with subject  matter expert, Dr. Rhonda Schoville. Dr. Schoville is a faculty member at the  University of Michigan School of Nursing, a nurse innovator, and an  entrepreneur who leverages her extensive expertise in various roles. Why is  she enthusiastic about you as an innovator? Tune in as she shares her hard-won insights on what nursing innovation is, and is not. On why nursing  innovation is important and needed, what skills are needed as innovators, and how to bring innovation into your nursing practice even with its barriers  and challenges? The podcast will finish with a discussion on creating a  future of nursing innovation that will help transform the face of healthcare.
Listen to Episode 1



2023 UMSN Innovation Week

Below are the recordings and presentations from the inaugural UMSN Innovation Week, as follows: 

The Inspiring, Innovating, and Impacting Nursing Innovation Speaker Panel

This webinar is featuring Lynda Benton-J&J Nursing Initiatives, Julia Cooney-Senior Healthcare Executive & UMSN Alumni and Rebecca Love-Chief Clinical Officer of IntelyCare and Founding Member of SONSIEL.  This is a powerful talk and a must listen to/watch for all nurses and nursing students. 


Empowering Nursing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Speaker Presentation

This is the Speaker presentation webinar on Empowering Nursing Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Charlene Platon, a nurse who spoke to nursing students and nurses on her journey in nursing innovation and entrepreneurship as she developed and launched Fifth Window, a digital platform that prioritizes the well-being of nurses with evidence-based tools, a community space, and a real-time wellness pulse.  An inspiring and informative talk from a nurse in the trenches whose own lived experiences led her on this innovation and entrepreneurial journey. 




Transforming the Face of Healthcare Through Nursing Innovation

This slideshow highlights the valuable nursing innovation work of 16 of our own UMSN Nurse Innovators from the UMSN Innovator Showcase held on March 22, 2023.
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