Global Health

At the University of Michigan, nursing practice and global outreach begin on campus and extend around the world. We believe that global health is everywhere, abroad and in communities at home. That’s why UMSN faculty members and students engage in outreach through their practice, their research and their education.

The UMSN Office of Global Affairs Winter 2019 newsletter is now available. Read the newsletter.

Outreach through practice

Clinical practice is an integral component of UMSN’s mission. A significant number of UMSN faculty members maintain an active nursing practice. Because of their engagement in this ever-evolving field, they are uniquely situated to help advance the nursing profession through the integration of practice, research and education, and to model expert, innovative nursing care. The practice initiatives page shows the local and global locations where UMSN faculty practice.

Maternal health

Clinical practice and global work come together in the work faculty and students do to improve maternity care in different parts of the world. Dr. Jody Lori, associate dean for global affairs, works in Liberia and Zambia to improve maternal mortality rates, and the University of Michigan is a partner with Merck for Mothers in the Maternity Waiting Homes Alliance