Clinical Learning Center

Our state-of the-art clinical learning facility engages our students in a dynamic, experiential learning environment. Active learning fosters greater understanding, retention, and advanced clinical reasoning.

Simulation suites are equipped with high-fidelity manikins that replicate realistic healthcare scenarios. The skills lab is used to develop basic and advanced skills allowing the students to apply their knowledge of nursing theory in an interactive, challenging, and safe learning environment. Students are supported and mentored to gain experience and confidence.

A view from the control room

Martha Reed Hoopergardener Nursing Skills Lab


Alumni volunteer working with undergraduate students

Graduate students working with a pregnant volunteer


Melissa Bathish

Melissa Bathish,

Clinical Assistant Professor

Co-Director & Undergraduate Faculty Lead

Deborah Lee, Ph.D., FNP, ACNP-BC, CHSE  

Clinical Assistant Professor

Co-Director & Graduate Faculty Lead

CLC Team

Bridegette TubbsBridgette Tubbs
Laboratory / Classroom Services



Anthony WilliamsAnthony Williams
Simulation and Technical Specialist

Katie WilsonKatie Wilson
Simulation Operator