Postdoctoral research fellows

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity

The School of Nursing will accept applications for a postdoctoral fellowship funded by a NINR T32 training program starting in September 2019. Complexity: Innovations in Promoting Health and Safety (CIPHS) is designed to address the triple threat of explosive growth in chronic illness incidence, persistent challenges to improve population health and safety, and rising healthcare expenditures. 

See more details about the fellowship or visit the fellowship posting. Questions regarding the T32 post doc fellowship can be directed to Dr. Marita Titler and Dr. Marjorie McCullagh.

Mentoring the next generation nurse researchers

Postdoctoral fellows focus on their scholarship with the benefit of strong mentoring relationships, helping develop the next generation of exceptional nurse researchers.


Dr. Jade Burns

Ph.D. - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Dr. Burns has more than 10 years of experience working with youth (ages 0-21) in a variety of clinical, community-based and academic settings. Her research is centered on innovative approaches using community-engaged research and technology (e.g., social media, mobile apps, messaging) to improve healthcare and sexual health outcomes among adolescents at community health care centers. Her secondary area of interest is improving nursing practice and training programs in underserved areas.


Dr. Kevin Joiner

Ph.D. - University of California, San Franciso

Dr. Joiner’s research interests center on prevention of type 2 diabetes and improvement of health outcomes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and the development of self-management interventions for populations that do not have adequate access to preventive and primary care health services. He is currently working to develop and pilot test a Spanish-language type 2 diabetes prevention self-management support intervention that is sensitive to unique Latinx cultural preferences and accessible to individuals who have limited English proficiency.


Dr. Jin JunDr. Jin Jun

Ph.D. - New York University, New York

Dr. Jun is a nurse researcher with strong curiosity and passion to develop and sustain a healthy workforce in order to create a better healthcare system. Dr. Jun’s research interests include occupational and environmental health, organizational management, and complementary and alternative methods of stress management. Her research interests are informed through her 15+ years of clinical experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner in trauma, intensive care units, and primary care. She is also interested in developing a policy that supports healthcare providers.


Dr. Sarah Peitzmeier

Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Peitzmeier's research is in mixed-method research in public health, gender based violence, HIV/STI, LGBT health, and cervical cancer screening among sexual and gender minorities. 



Dr. Jennie RyanDr. Jennie Ryan

Ph.D. - Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania

Dr. Ryan's research interests include the effects of marijuana legalization on individual and societal health, particularly its effect on opioid use and overdose.  Dr. Ryan’s broader focus is on innovative drug policy. She has a clinical background as a pediatric critical care nurse practitioner.  Her clinical area of expertise is pediatric congenital heart disease and cardiac critical care.


International Visiting Fellows 

UMSN's global collaboration through the International Visiting Scholars program and the Fogarty International Training Program for Strengthening Non-Communicable Disease Research and Training Capacity, co-funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (Grant No: 1D43TW009883-01) brings researchers from all over the world to campus.