Nursing courses

Course numberTitleCredit(s)
BIOLCHEM 212Descriptive Biochemistry4
ENGLISH 124Academic Writing and Literature4
HS 225Global Perspectives on the HIV and AIDS Epidemic3
HS 301Exploring Palliative Care2
HS 404Gender Based Violence: From Theory to Action2 - 3
HS 494Topics in Health Equality, Inequities, and Disparities3
HS 501Exploring Palliative Care2
HS 505Team-Based Clinical Decision Making2
HS 510Foundations of Health Informatics3
HS 520Assessment for Population Health4
HS 540Trauma Basics1
HS 541Trauma-Informed Practice1
HS 542Creating and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Systems1
HS 594Topics in Health Equality, Inequities, and Disparities3
HS 601Health Economics for Health Professionals4
HS 610Sociotechnical Approaches in Practice3
HS 612Evaluation in Health Systems2
HS 620Health Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation4
HS 650Data Science and Predictive Analytics4
HS 700Applied Biostatistics for Clinical Practice3
HS 710Informatics Practicum3
HS 741 | 001Connected and Automated Vehicles: Standardization, Differentiation, Competition3
HS 741 | 002Campus Sexual Misconduct: Prevention and Response3
HS 741 | 003Information Privacy, Surveillance and Exposure3
HS 741 | 004Human Rights, Mineral Extraction and the Global Supply Chain3
HS 741 | 005Challenges to Delivering Social Services in Michigan3
HS 802Epidemiology for Health Professionals3
HS 807Management and Analysis of Large US Health Data4
HS 851Scientific Methods for Health Sciences: Applied Inference4
HS 852Scientific Methods for Health Sciences: Linear Modeling4
HS 853Scientific Methods for Health Sciences: Special Topics4
HS 888Foundations of Scientific Inquiry: Observational Research3
HS 889Foundations of Scientific Inquiry: Intervention Research3
IMRImmersion Experience0 - 8
IPEIPE Course0 - 8
NURS 142Nursing Seminar2
NURS 194Context of Care I3
NURS 196Communications, Groups, and Teams2
NURS 210Human Anatomy and Physiology Body5
NURS 211Anatomy and Physiology Lab1
NURS 218Applied Statistics3
NURS 232Health Assessment2
NURS 233Health Assessment Lab2
NURS 234Introduction to Clinical Practice2
NURS 236Microbiology and Infectious Diseases3
NURS 238Culture of Health3
NURS 240Pharmacology Foundations of Nursing Practice4
NURS 244Evaluating Data Sources and Evidence for Nursing Practice3
NURS 245Pathophysiology6
NURS 262Therapeutic Nursing Care I3
NURS 262 PNETherapeutic Nursing Care I Clinical4
NURS 370Care of the Family: Reproductive Health3
NURS 370 PNECare of the Family: Reproductive Health Clinical3
NURS 371Care of the Family: Infants, Children & Adolescents3
NURS 371 PNECare of the Family: Infants, Children & Adolescents Clinical3
NURS 372Therapeutic Nursing Care II3
NURS 372 PNETherapeutic Nursing Care II Clinical5
NURS 373Behavioral Health3
NURS 373 PNEBehavioral Health Clinical4
NURS 420Introduction to Global Health: Issues and Challenges2 - 3
NURS 421Perspectives in Global Health2 - 4
NURS 500Models and Theories to Inform Advanced Nursing Practice with Individuals, Communities, and Complex Systems4
NURS 501Care of Adults with Cancer3
NURS 502Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology4
NURS 503Advanced Health Assessment for Advanced Practice Nurses4
NURS 504Foundations of Leadership3
NURS 509Foundations in Innovation and Implementation in Health and Healthcare3
NURS 521Introduction to Global Health: Issues and Challenges3
NURS 523Role Transition to APRN3
NURS 527Promoting Optimal Models and Systems for Healthcare Delivery3
NURS 528Models, Theories and Methods to Promote Optimal Health Outcomes3
NURS 529Scientific and Analytic Approaches for Advanced Practice3
NURS 533Strategic Resources and Healthcare Operations Leadership3
NURS 539Foundations of Quality Science and Performance Analytics3
NURS 541CDM I: Wellness and Illness for the ACPNP3
NURS 544Wellness for the Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner1
NURS 546Antepartum Care of The Essentially Normal Woman6
NURS 550CDM II: Foundations for Practice: Common Acute Illness for the ACPNP2
NURS 551Acute Care Pediatric Advanced Management I2
NURS 552Pediatric Acute Care Advanced Management II4
NURS 553Advanced Practice Specialty Procedures and Skills for Acute Care3
NURS 554Advanced Practice Specialty Procedures and Skills for Primary Care2
NURS 555Advanced Practice Specialty Procedures and Skills for Pediatric Primary Care1
NURS 557CDM I: Infant, Child, and Adolescent Health: Wellness and Management of Common Illness3 - 8
NURS 561Care of the Childbearing Woman1
NURS 566Advanced Primary Care I3
NURS 568Critical Elements in the Study of Family and Health3
NURS 571Advanced Midwifery Clinical2
NURS 573Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Nursing Theory I4
NURS 575Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist Nursing Theory II4
NURS 577Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum I5
NURS 579Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum II5
NURS 581Foundations for Systems and Organizational Science2
NURS 588Policy analysis and Development for Healthcare Leaders2
NURS 589Advanced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practicum2 - 4
NURS 593Advanced Primary Care Practicum I - FNP3
NURS 594Advanced Primary Care Practicum I - AGPCNP2
NURS 595Clinical Scholarship Praxis Experience I0 - 3
NURS 611Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum III4
NURS 617CDM II: Infant, Child, and Adolescent Health: Primary Health Care Across Multiple Settings7
NURS 637Acute Care Pediatric Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum I4
NURS 638Acute Care Pediatric Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum II4
NURS 639Acute Care Pediatric Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Practicum III5
NURS 640Nursing Care of Childbearing Family2
NURS 642Global Health Leadership2
NURS 646Primary Care Concepts of Older Adults3
NURS 666Advanced Primary Care Nursing of Chronic Illness in Adults and their Families3 - 6
NURS 671Special Populations in Primary Care3 - 4
NURS 672Teacher Strategies in Nursing3
NURS 674CDM III: Advanced Primary Care Nursing of Adults and Families with Complex Systems7
NURS 676Intrapartum, Postpartum, and Newborn Care7
NURS 677Integration of Midwifery Care to the Woman, Mother, and/or Newborn with Complex Health Conditions5
NURS 678Transition to Advanced Practice: Professional Issues3
NURS 681Decision Science for Complex Health Systems2
NURS 682Systems Assessment and Leadership Effectiveness4
NURS 693Advanced Primary Care Practicum II - FNP3
NURS 695Selected Topics1 - 4
NURS 782Leadership, Analytics and Innovation (LAI) Immersion1 - 3
NURS 803Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship1
NURS 804Seminar 1 - Systematic Research Synthesis2
NURS 805Seminar 2 - Grant Writing2
NURS 806Seminar 3 - Preparing Publications2
NURS 811Health Informatics3
NURS 812Clinical Leadership in Complex Systems4
NURS 815Quality and Safety3
NURS 816Policy Analysis and Transformation in Healthcare3
NURS 825Critical Appraisal for DNP Scholarly Inquiry3
NURS 832Clinical Leadership for Effective Resource Management3
NURS 843Expanded NMW Scope of Practice3
NURS 856Research and Professional Development Seminar I1
NURS 857Research and Professional Development Seminar II1
NURS 880Philosophical Influences and Theory Informed Science3
NURS 881Intervention Research3
NURS 886Topics in Women's Health3
NURS 887Special Topics3
NURS 890Substantive Research Focus3
NURS 891Substantive Research Focus3
NURS 900Seminar on Research Synthesis3
NURS 910Translation, Implementation Science and Comparative Effectiveness3
NURS 950DNP Residency1 - 6
NURS 955DNP Scholarly Project1 - 6
NURS 960Capstone Residency and Seminar I4
NURS 965Capstone Residency and Seminar II4
NURS 990Preliminary Examination1 - 8
NURS 995Dissertation4 - 8
NURS 995Dissertation (Term 6)0 - 8
PEERPeer Seminar0
PHARMACY 620Pharmacotherapeutics 13 - 4
PHARMACY 621Pharmacotherapeutics 23 - 4
PNEPopulation Health Clinical3
PNELeadership for Professional Practice Improvement Clinical2
PNETherapeutic Nursing Care III Clinical8
PSYCH 111Introduction to Psychology4
PSYCH 250Introduction to Developmental Psychology4
UGELE1Elective/IPE/Minor Course (Optional)0 - 6
UGELE2Elective/IPE/Minor Course (Optional)0 - 6
UGELE3Elective/IPE/Minor Course (Optional)1 - 6
UGELE4Elective/IPE/Minor Course (Optional)1 - 6
UGELE5Elective/IPE/Minor Course (Optional)1 - 6
UGELE6Elective/IPE/Minor Course (Optional)1 - 6
UGNURSPopulation Health2
UGNURSLeadership for Professional Practice Improvement2
UGNURSContext of Care II3
UGNURSTherapeutic Nursing Care III3
UGNURSRole Transition2