Global Health Academic Programs


Global Health Concentration

Graduate Global Health Concentration

The global health concentration is offered to students in any master's or DNP program. 

The global health concentration is designed to educate students about global health issues and provide an opportunity for practical field experience. The concentration promotes multidisciplinary prevention over treatment and community-based service over institutional care. Students in any nursing master's program are eligible to add the global health concentration to their degree by completing two additional classes and a substantive overseas internship or service. Serving in the Peace Corps may fulfill this overseas requirement. For more information, please set up an appointment by emailing Beste Erel Windes at

Requirements include:

  • NURS 521
  • Three credit global health elective
  • A substantive global immersion experience
  • A capstone project (NURS 697 Independent Study based on field experience)

Global Health Elective Courses offered through non-UMSN departments:

Graduate students may fulfill the 3 credit hour Global Health Elective requirement through approved courses from other U-M units in addition to N521. The list of approved courses is shared with students in the concentration each semester.

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Global Health Minor

Undergraduate Global Health Minor

Population Health in a Global Context

Learn more about the population health in a global context minor which provides opportunities for students to explore global health through a variety of courses and a required field experience. The getting started (change this to Global Experiences for Nursing Students) page discusses different options for field experiences.

Requirements include:

  • 15 credits of electives related to global health; must include NURS 420
  • Approved global immersion experience

To learn more about how to fulfill these requirements, set up an appointment with Beste Erel Windes by emailing

Global Health Elective Courses Offered through UMSN:

NURS 420: Introduction to Global Health: Issues and Challenges

NURS 421: Perspectives in Global Health

NURS 456: Community Health Nursing

NURS 456: Community Health Nursing

NURS 477: Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness

HS 225 Global Perspectives on the HIV and AIDS epidemic

HS 494 Topics in Health Equality, Inequities, and Disparities

Global Health Elective Course offered through non-UMSN departments:

Approved courses from other U-M units can fulfill the credit requirement in addition to nursing electives. Students may take courses that focus on a region, or examine global health through disciplines such as history, sociology, psychology, gender studies, or cultural anthropology. The list of approved courses is shared with students in the minor each semester.

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