Building Student Engagement

“Nursing innovation develops the nursing profession by acknowledging the endless possibilities that nursing offers and using creative, interdisciplinary approaches to make those possibilities a reality. ”

— Kathryn Parkhurst

Emily Jones

“Nursing Innovation brings to mind a culture where the dynamics of each individual nurse’s practice and the innate curiosity of nurses to seek and understand every facet of the human experience come together. Inevitably, they spark a change in each life they have the privilege of interacting with.”

— Emily Jones

Erika Folbe

“What innovation means to me is being able to grow, change, and better the set standard. Innovation is important because without it we are stagnant.”

— Erika Folbe


Our U-M School of Nursing Student Innovation Ambassadors:

  • Indigo Barnett
  • Eric Beedle
  • Grace Bontrager
  • Erika Folbe
  • Payton Honkamp
  • Emily Jones
  • Christina Khouri
  • Kathryn Parkhurst
  • Sarah Maguire
  • Tammy Villavicencio

Interested in becoming a student innovation ambassador? Contact Michelle Munro-Kramer to learn more.