DEI Student Resources

Share an idea

If you have a concern about diversity, equity or inclusion that impacts the U-M School of Nursing community, or just want to share your idea or have some support, you can contact the Chief Inclusion Officer directly at or submit items to our DEI suggestion box.

If you would rather remain anonymous, but have something to say, you can call 1-844-SON-TALK and leave a message.


  • Science Learning Circles  - Science Learning Circles (SLC) is a supplemental resource coordinated by the U-M School of Nursing to assist students in achieving academic excellence. 
  • U-M School of Nursing Gateways 21st Century Fellowship Program - The U-M School of Nursing Gateways 21st Century Fellowship is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to explore critical issues and their relationship with the intersection of ability, citizenship, class, cultural geography, gender, race and/or sexual identity.
  • Nursing DEI Activities Seed Funding - DEI activities funds of up to $300 are available to faculty, students and staff for further supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in courses and co-curricular activities. Examples include inviting a guest speaker to your class, planning a site visit, and organizing a panel discussion that explores diverse approaches to understanding and addressing health disparities.  Learn more. 
  • Engaged Michigan - Find opportunities to connect between the classroom and the community.

Campus Climate Support

Creating and maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment for all to live, learn, work and thrive is a priority at the University of Michigan. To that end, a group of professional staff members provide Campus Climate Support and focus on addressing concerns that may create harm to members of the University community based on their identity. We encourage you to use these resources to report concerns and to encourage others to report if they have been the target of or witness to a campus climate concern. 

There are several ways you can report a campus climate concern. The staff members at these offices are trained to be sensitive to student, faculty, staff and community concerns.

Report a campus climate concern

Programs and Events

View a list of upcoming events and programs at the U-M School of Nursing and get involved.