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Programs and Events

View a list of upcoming events and programs at the U-M School of Nursing and get involved. 


Student Organizations

  • Future Black Healthcare Professionals (FBHP) creates a safe atmosphere for future black healthcare professionals and promotes inter-professionalism and understanding among varying healthcare professions. Members of the organization aim to increase diversity in health related fields within the campus and local community. FBHP plans to engage in fundraising, community outreach and service, mentorship, and interdisciplinary projects focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in healthcare. This organization aims to foster community, collaboration, and unity among an interdisciplinary group of black individuals on track to work in a healthcare associated field. Members will stem from various undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral/Ph.D. programs including, but not limited to, nursing, dentistry, social work, health sciences, psychology, and medicine. For more information please contact
  • The Nursing Students of Color mission is to promote inclusivity, celebrate diversity, combat isolation, and promote opportunities for growth and advancement. This is a safe and supportive community where members can address common issues and celebrate each other. For more information, please contact Co-Chairs Drs. Sheria Robinson-Lane and Patricia Coleman-Burns, and Renee Pitter
  • U-M School of Nursing LGBTQ+ Student Leadership Society is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Membership comes with many benefits including monthly virtual meetups for students with faculty and staff, a faculty mentor to meet with individually twice per semester, and an annual lunch with Dean Hurn. There are currently several open student leadership positions, including for president. For questions about this program please reach out to Drs. Rob Stephenson or Rushika Patel.
  • Men in Nursing - The Men in Nursing Initiative is a developing collaboration with Michigan Medicine and UMSN and is open to all nursing students. This group will provide an opportunity to meet and discuss factors that affect men in nursing. Membership of this chapter of the American Association of Men in Nursing (AAMN) will allow students to develop through mentorship, guest lectures, community outreach, and social activities.

Academic Resources

  • The School of Nursing Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program supports students as they navigate nursing school through peer to peer conversations and experiences. Mentors provide students with a nursing family they can lean on for support and good advice or even ideas to assist with academic, social, or personal challenges. If a mentor can’t answer your question, they can point you to someone who can.  For more information please contact Dr. Rushika Patel
  • The School of Nursing Science Learning Circles provides a daily, evening-time opportunity for smaller groups of students to connect, build community, support one another, study, and share strategies for academic advancement in first and second year science and statistics courses.  For more information please contact Dr. Rushika Patel
  • The U-M School of Nursing Gateways 21st Century Fellowship is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to explore critical issues and their relationship with the intersection of ability, citizenship, class, cultural geography, gender, race and/or sexual identity. For more information please contact Dr. Rushika Patel
  • Nursing DEI Activities Seed Funding - DEI activities funds of up to $300 are available to students, as well as faculty and staff, for further supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in courses and co-curricular activities. Examples include inviting a guest speaker to your class, planning a site visit, and organizing a panel discussion on any topic related to DEI.  For more information please contact Dr. Rushika Patel.
  • The School of Nursing Pre-Ph.D. Institute is a for incoming and aspiring nursing Ph.D. students in our graduate and undergraduate programs. For incoming Ph.D. students this is an opportunity to strengthen peer networks and knowledge of resources within UMSN and at U-M, for undergraduate and graduate students this is an opportunity to learn about whether a Ph.D. is for you and how to make sure your application reflects all of your strengths. For more information please contact Dr. Rushika Patel.
  • Ph.D. Analytical and Writing Coaching Program is for all first year Ph.D. students and provides evening analytical and writing coaches. For more information please contact Dr. Rushika Patel.

Campus Climate Support

Creating and maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment for all to live, learn, work and thrive is a priority at the University of Michigan. To that end, a group of professional staff members provide Campus Climate Support and focus on addressing concerns that may create harm to members of the University community based on their identity. We encourage you to use these resources to report concerns and to encourage others to report if they have been the target of or witness to a campus climate concern. 

There are several ways you can report a campus climate concern. The staff members at these offices are trained to be sensitive to student, faculty, staff and community concerns.

Address mistreatment

Report a campus climate concern

Programs and Events

View a list of upcoming events and programs at the U-M School of Nursing and get involved.