Through the eyes of

"Through the eyes of".. training program

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The Training Program includes:

Learner Materials (360 videos, case-based discussions, self-directed reflections)

Facilitator Guide

Instructor Guide

Student Worksheet

Cultural humility and SDOH module aligned with AACN Guidelines


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An immersive training program advancing cultural humility, empathy, & implicit bias awareness among nursing students and community staff/volunteers

Developed by nurses for healthcare professionals working with underserved populations in community settings

Further questions, contact Dr. Dana Tschannen, Ph.D., RN at [email protected]

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Through the Eyes of... by

Dana Tschannen, Patricia Tillman-Meakins, Megan Keiser, Melissa Bathish, Carman Turkelson

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Funded by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services