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Donors cast votes to award financial support for use of more augmented reality in nursing education

The University of Michigan School of Nursing’s We Dare Challenge saw 62 donors contribute $5,460 during the month of October to support faculty-led projects. On Nov. 1, donors took part in a livestream event to learn more about the three faculty groups vying to receive those funds and vote on a winner. At the conclusion of the event, donors cast votes electronically and selected the project led by Clinical Professor Dana Tschannen, Clinical Assistant Professor Deb Lee and Clinical Assistant Professor Melissa Batish titled, “Augmented Reality for Nursing Education”.

“We want to thank our generous donors for their commitment to our students and the nursing profession,” said Tschannen. “Thank you for helping us to advance nursing education in really exciting and innovative ways to meet the challenges and future needs of our patients, families, and communities.”

The winning project aims to create innovative approaches to educating the next generation of nurses. Augmented Reality (AR) allows learners to visualize components such as anatomical images and video clips while interacting with equipment in the real world, providing a mechanism for learners to develop nursing skills without any adverse impact to patients and families. Using head-mounted devices, students can engage with predeveloped AR modules to practice various nursing skill such as urinary and intravenous catheter insertion, medication administration and advanced practice procedures.

AR provides a more accessible and engaging way to learn that is scalable and repeatable with fewer constraints. Through directed, focused, and deliberate practice, the project will help student develop new competencies and skills. 

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