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426 North Ingalls, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5482
400NIB400 North Ingalls, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5482

Dean's Unit

Office of the Dean 

Suite 1320 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-7185
Fax: (734) 764-7186
Patricia Hurn, Dean and Professor(734) 764-7185
Coreen Abston, Executive Secretary(734) 647-9474
Danielle Garner-Jones, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 764-7185
Rushika Patel, Chief Health and Academic Equity Officer(734) 647-0143
DCR teleconference line(734) 763-0327

Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Room 1154 400NIB
Phone: (734) 763-9710
Fax: (734) 615-5696
Colleen Zimmerman, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations(734) 764-1545
Angela Cao, Senior Associate Director of Development(734) 615-9686
Kelly Palkowski, Stewardship Coordinator(734) 764-5891
Shannon Walston, Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations(734) 615-3272

Office of Administration and Operations

Maureen Coerdt, Chief Operating Officer

Erin Schneider, Administrative Specialist(734) 763-6730

Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development

Cynthia Arslanian-Engoren, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development(734) 647-0182
Amy Grover, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 647-2748

Administrative and Operational Support Areas

Office of Administration and Operations

Maureen Coerdt, Chief Operating OfficerOrganizational Chart
Erin Schneider, Administrative Specialist(734) 763-6730

Business Analysis and Operational Support Services

Rhonda McCammon, Senior Director of Budget, Finance and Operational Services(734) 936-3170
Chrissy Evanchek, Budget Analyst Senior(734) 647-1987
Eric Skalski, Facilities Manager(734) 647-4098
Tony Martin, Facilities Assistant(734) 763-9825
Faculty Support Services
Alisa Maiville, Office Administration Intermediate Supervisor(734) 763-0002
William Barast, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 764-8152
Olivia Bassett-Kennedy, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 647-4849
Michelle Pineau, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 763-7045

Business Transactions and Reporting

Fax: (734) 936-3284
Lori Stautz, Director of Business Transactions and Reporting(734) 763-7115
Ravi Jha, Senior Financial Manager(734) 763-3212
Donna Constant, Financial Specialist(734) 647-4216
Nolan Hanson, Financial Analyst Senior(734) 764-0098
Joy Millina, Financial Senior Manager(734) 615-9070
Brad Sroka, Financial Specialist Senior(734) 764-6690
Andre Toth, Contracts Administrator(734) 936-3730

Communications and Marketing

Room 1346 400NIB
Mike Brinich, Director of Communications and Marketing(734) 763-1682
Alex Bienkowski, Writer(734) 764-7006
Taylor Shaffer, Digital Marketing Coordinator(734) 763-0016
Jessalyn Tamez, Graphic Design Coordinator(734) 647-5247

Recruiting, Admissions, and Records

Room 3150 426NIB
Phone: (734) 763-5985
Fax: (734) 647-1419
Bernadette Lis, Director of Student Recruiting, Admissions and Records(734) 615-4739
Carena Townsend, Recruiting Manager(734) 763-5985
Amanda Armstrong, Recruiter Coordinator - Undergraduate(734) 647-7312
Catie Dau, Student Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 647-0116
Katie Martin, Recruiting Coordinator Senior - Graduate(734) 764-0115
Alicia Schuster, Recruiting Coordinator Senior - Graduate(734) 764-9145
Carrie Bachler, Registration and Records Specialist(734) 764-6233
Cleo Parker, Business Intelligence Analyst Associate(734) 615-0119

Human Resources

Suite 1349 400NIB
Fax: (734) 764-4429
Lori Ristau, Director of Human Resources(734) 936-3285
Jade Lange, HR Generalist Intermediate(734) 764-7777
Erin Maki-Spadafore, HR Generalist Intermediate(734) 647-3190
Kari Matthew, HR Generalist Senior(734) 763-6792
Jessica Mauney, HR Generalist Intermediate(734) 764-9522

Project Management

Carleen Wilton (Champagne), Director of Project Management(734) 763-9842
Charles Amyx, Website Designer Senior 
Peter Egler, Applications Programmer/Analyst Lead(734) 647-1096
Hairong Geng, Systems Programmer/Analyst Lead(734) 647-0352
Scott Krywko, Business Process Consultant Associate(734) 936-0881
Thomas Lee, Web Software Developer(734) 647-4851
Digital Education Group
Shannon Trudell, Digital Program Coordinator(734) 764-6653
Christopher Dawes, Instructional Learning Senior 
Glen Marian, Digital Program Coordinator(734) 763-1188
Tina Chang, Instructional Learning Senior(734) 615-9178
William Newhouse, Instructional Learning Senior(734) 647-8794
Dawn Singh, Instructional Learning Senior(734) 647-2261
Sandra Vigilant, Instructional Learning Senior(734) 647-1833

Information Technology

Room 4237 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-6300
Fax: (734) 615-1666
Kinnothan Nelson, Director of Information Technology(734) 647-0354
Bryan Cook, Instructional Media Specialist(734) 763-4063
Jacob Kuzma, Desktop Support Specialist Intermediate(734) 647-3260
Matthew Maddern, Instructional Media Specialist(734) 763-4071
James Rasmussen, Desktop Support Specialist Senior Supervisor(734) 647-5320
Jason Urquhart, Systems Administrator Intermediate(734) 764-0714
Lynn Wang, Systems Administrator Intermediate(734) 615-8185
Jared Whitfield, Desktop Support Specialist Intermediate(734) 647-0420

Academic Areas

Undergraduate Studies

Room 1160 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-0092

Dana Tschannen, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

(734) 764-0201
Ryanne Arecheja, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 764-7188
Penny Riley, Director of Undergraduate Studies(734) 764-0097

Linda DiClemente, Assistant Director for Educational Excellence

(734) 763-4996
Chad Gorski, Undergraduate Program Advisor(734) 764-0116
Elissa Minke, Undergraduate Program Advisor(734) 647-3942
Lauren Taylor, Undergraduate Program Advisor(734) 615-7874
Denise Sumerlin, Administrative Specialist Intermediate Healthcare(734) 763-3121
Connie VanAtta, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 764-0092

Ph.D. Graduate Studies

Room 4320 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-9555
Debra Barton, Mary Lou Willard French Distinguished Professor of Oncology Nursing; Associate Dean for Research and Rackham Graduate Studies(734) 764-9555
Sarah A. Stoddard, Director of Ph.D. Program(734) 936-1267

Practice and Professional Graduate Studies

Room 3160 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-3811
Fax: (734) 764-5741
Lisa Kane Low, Associate Dean for Practice and Professional Graduate Studies(734) 764-3811
Patricia Lovelace, Administrative Assistant(734) 764-3811
Margaret Calarco, Director of Clinical Innovation(734) 647-3857
Theresa Davis, Administrative Assistant, Clinical Placements(734) 763-7304
Troy Kuzma, Clinical Partnership Regulatory Manager(734) 615-0149
Jenna Long, Graduate Academic Advisor/Counselor(734) 615-6154
Jill McFarland, Director of Clinical Partnership(734) 764-0659
Ryan Shell, Graduate Academic Advisor/Counselor(734) 647-4237

Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences

Suite 2160 400NIB
Phone: (734) 763-0001
Fax: (734) 936-5525
Janet Larson, Department Chair(734) 763-0011
Christopher Connelly, Executive Secretary(734) 763-0011

Department of Systems, Populations and Leadership

Suite 4170 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-8152
Fax: (734) 647-2416
Rob Stephenson, Department Chair(734) 763-1188
Megan Belansky, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 763-1188

Clinical Learning Center

A275 426NIB
Phone: (734) 936-1410
Bridgette Tubbs, Laboratory/Classroom Services Technician(734) 764-4192
Anthony Williams, Simulation Technician(734) 763-3406
Melissa Bathish, Undergraduate Clinical Learning Center Lead Faculty(734) 764-0095
Deborah Lee, Graduate Clinical Learning Center Lead Faculty(734) 647-0153


Office of Research 

Suite 4320 400NIB
Phone: (734) 764-9555
Fax (734) 647-9325
Debra Barton, Associate Dean, Research and Rackham Graduate Studies(734) 764-9555
Kellee Jackson, Administrative Assistant Intermediate(734) 764-9555

Applied Biostatistics Laboratory & Data Management Core

Robert Ploutz-Snyder, Research Scientist and Director of Applied Biostatistical Laboratory

(734) 647-0462
Bingxin Chen, Programmer/Analyst(734) 647-1315
Bidisha Ghosh, Statistician Intermediate(734) 615-9640

Deanna Isaman, Research Assistant Professor

Philip Veliz, Research Assistant Professor(734) 763-3663

Grants and Research Office

Room 4217 400NIB
Fax (734) 615-1666
Karen Kirchner, Research Administration Manager(734) 615-3258
Zachary Brancheau, Research Administrator Intermediate(734) 647-3369
Evan Clark, Research Administrator Intermediate(734) 615-8485
Mary Eyler, Research Administrator Intermediate(734) 764-8058
Lisa Parker, Research AdministratorIntermediate(734) 647-0984
Gary Vandermade, Research Administrator Intermediate(734) 647-0278

Global Affairs

Office of Global Affairs 

Room 3320 400NIB
Phone: (734) 615-4494
Fax: (734) 615-9771
Jody Lori, Associate Dean for Global Affairs and PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center(734) 763-0097
Megan Eagle, Faculty Laison and Deputy Director of WHO Collaborating Center(734) 764-5506

Beste Erel Windes, Academic Program Manager

(734) 615-4494
Visiting Scholars (Room 2310)

(734) 763-5175


Additional Information

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