Compliance requirements

All students at the U-M School of Nursing are required to submit compliance documents. For specific information, see undergraduate student requirements below.

Undergraduate student requirements

Compliance requirements for:

Complio/American Databank

To better serve our students, the School of Nursing partners with Complio/American DataBank to manage our students' health compliance documents. This management system allows our students to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the clinical agencies where they fulfill the clinical requirements of their coursework.

For new students only

The link to open your account is:

You may also want to view our Student Guide to Complio  which guides you through the process of creating your account and uploading documents. 

10-panel drug screening

All students enrolled at UMSN must complete an annual drug screening test. Drug screening is mandatory and only accepted at a specific time in August, not stated in advance. Students will receive an email with specifics as the event approaches.

Important message to our students: 

Diluted test results, including diluted negatives, will require follow-up drug screening at the student’s expense. This sample may be collected using an alternative collection method such as blood or hair.

Graduate student requirements

All graduate students are required to submit UMSN compliance documents. Documents must be submitted to CastleBranch by July 1. Any student who does not fulfill this requirement by July 1 will be charged a $200 fee for the current academic year. An additional fee of $100 each month will be assessed if the student remains non-compliant. 
To better serve our students, the School of Nursing partners with to manage our students' health compliance documents. 
For students, this partnership means:
  • Safe uploading and viewing of immunization records
  • An easy and comprehensive way to complete background checks
  • Electronic access to health compliance documents, 24/7
  • Email reminders for those items not yet completed

Instructions for using CastleBranch

Opening a CastleBranch account:
  1. In the Package Code box, enter the package code UB59
  2. Your package requires you to submit immunization, medical or certification records.  At the end of the order process, you will be prompted to visit a secure web page where you will view additional instructions for uploading your records. 
  3. If you need assistance, please call CastleBranch directly at (888) 723-4263 x 7196.
Retrieving information:
Once your order is submitted, you will receive a password via email to view the results of your background check. The results will be available in approximately 48-72 hours. 
PLEASE NOTE: Do not send compliance documents to the School of Nursing. All compliance records must be uploaded into myCB in CastleBranch via your online account. Records can also be faxed or sent via mail to the agency; however, when faxing or mailing records, be sure to include the HIPAA release form which can be downloaded from your online account.

10-panel drug screening

All graduate students are required to obtain a 10-panel drug screen. Instructions on how to obtain drug screens will be sent to all students. Drug screens are required yearly.

Important message to our students: 

Diluted drug screen results must be repeated at the expense of the student. The repeated drug screen may require that the student submit either a hair, blood, saliva, or urine sample.