Sophomore transfer credit policy

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Prerequisites are key factors when planning your journey to transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Sophomore-level transfer students may transfer around 36 credits, including the prerequisite coursework, if offered admission. Required prerequisites include the following:

  • English Composition (equivalent to U-M ENG 125)
  • Introductory Psychology (equivalent to U-M PSYCH 111)
  • Developmental Psychology (equivalent to U-M PSYCH 250)
  • Organic Biochemistry (equivalent to U-M BIOLCHEM 212)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (equivalent to U-M NURS 210)
  • Electives (7-8 credits)- Electives may be courses from the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences and/or mathematics.
  • Statistics (equivalent to U-M NURS 218 or STATS 250)*
    *Statistics is not a required prerequisite for admission, however, this course is required to successfully complete your nursing degree. The School of Nursing strongly encourages students to take this course prior to starting their program, as admitted students who opt to not take it prior to admission will have it added to their fall course load.

Statistics, Organic Biochemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology courses must be taken within the past 5 years. Students must earn a C or better for a class to meet prerequisite requirements.

While transfer students will have their first nursing classes (Nursing 194 & Nursing 196) during the summer term, all prerequisite coursework must be completed by the start of the fall term if offered admission.


Additional Information

To help applicants understand how their coursework may transfer, we have created a course equivalency guide. This guide includes all courses that have been evaluated by the University of Michigan School of Nursing to determine transferability. Many in state and out of state colleges and universities are included with the exact courses that will transfer to meet our prerequisite requirements.

If you do not see your course listed on our course equivalency guide, we recommend that you check the University of Michigan's Transfer Credit Equivalency Website: If you are attending a school out of state, click here. If you are attending a school in Michigan, click here.

Courses not listed on either the University of Michigan’s Transfer Credit Equivalency Website or in the course equivalency guide have not yet been evaluated by the University of Michigan School of Nursing and may or may not transfer for credit. If your course has not yet been evaluated, we encourage you to utilize the self-review guide below. The self-review guide lists the prerequisite courses and details the content required of each course.

To use the Self-Review Guide, you will need the syllabus from the course you are evaluating. Compare the content of that course to the comparable University of Michigan course; if approximately 90% - 95% of the course content is the same, there is a strong possibility, but no guarantee, that the course will transfer. 

Unevaluated courses will require the course syllabus from the term in which you took the course and the course description to be submitted to the School of Nursing once your application is completed. Course syllabi can usually be obtained from the registrar’s office at the institution.

As you are planning your prerequisite coursework, utilize the Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form. The form provides a space to outline your progress toward completing the prerequisite requirements. Instructions on how to complete the form are included in the first tab of the document. The Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form must be submitted to by the application deadline in order for your application to be considered complete

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete both the Organic Biochemistry and Anatomy & Physiology prerequisite courses prior to enrollment in the School of Nursing, due to the time commitment necessary to fulfill the requirements of the summer nursing course.
  • If you have an interest in taking prerequisites at the University of Michigan, please note that Organic Biochemistry (BIOCHEM 212) is only offered in the Fall term. Anatomy & Physiology is only offered in the Winter term (NURS 210). BIOCHEM 212 is the prerequisite for NURS 210.
  • Technical coursework (e.g. EMT or medical terminology) will not transfer for elective credit. 
  • Planning your schedule is key in order to ensure meeting the prerequisite courses requirements. Some of these courses may have prerequisites that are only offered in certain terms. Use the Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form to help you plan and track your courses!