Officers and Committees


Sigma Rho

2020-2021 Officers:

President: Julia Morrissey, MS, RN

Vice President: Deborah Lee, Ph.D., FNP, ACNP-BC

Secretary:  Stephanie Colton, DNP, RN

Treasurer: Cristina Homes, DNP, RN 

Faculty Counselor: Linda DiClemente, DNP, RN

Faculty Counselor-Elect:  Laura Prochnow, DNP, RN, CHSE

Student Leader Intern: To be named


Governance (Membership & Bylaws)

Chair: Susie McDevitt, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC

Member: Deb Price, DNP, RN

Member: Tammy Ross, MSN, RN, OCN 


Chair: Ann Kruszewski, Ph.D., RN 

Social Media: Joyce Lee, BSN, RN

Student Social Media: Isabelle Goodrich, SN4 


Chair: Julie Buser, Ph.D., RN, PNP-BC

Member: Dana Tschannen, Ph.D., RN  

Member: Alexandra Agapiou DNP, RN

Leadership succession

Chair: Heather Jones, DNP, SGNP-C 

Member: Deb Price, DNP, RN

Member: Melissa Bathish, Ph.D., RN, CPNP-PC  

Research/special projects

Chair: Marge Calarco, Ph.D., RN

Member: Carol Loveland-Cherry, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

Membership involvement

Chair:  Diane Ferguson,  RN, MS, AGPCNP-BC  

Member:  Joyce Lee, BSN, RN