Nursing at Michigan

Nursing is an expanding field, and our graduates consistently find the jobs they want throughout their careers.

Nurses are in demand

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. As the first point of contact for most patients, nurses fulfill an essential role. Nurses with advanced training are an integral component of current health care models. The result is ample opportunity for a dynamic career with continuing professional development at its core.

Nurses serve their communities

Nurses are the patients’ primary advocates, both inside a medical care facility and out. Nurses spend time with patients throughout a medical visit, caring for them as individuals. They also focus their research on improving patient care delivery systems so that the needs of the most ill are better met. Experiences with illness and modern medical treatment can be daunting, and nurses help guide patients and their families through the process, making them feel confident about their care and empowered by their health.

Nurses choose how and where to apply their skills

Nurses have the opportunity to work where they want and in accordance with their strongest skills. Nurses can be found assisting in the emergency room of a major hospital; providing free health education seminars in a community-based clinic, writing consultation plans at a multi-national corporation; providing direct patient care alongside nurse-midwife colleagues in Africa; developing population-specific clinical interventions; and speaking with members of Congress about patient and nurse rights on Capitol Hill.

Nurses must be able to work under pressure and think on their feet. Nurses must integrate theory into practice, sometimes putting aside conventional wisdom for the sake of innovation.
Make a difference in your community and your career. Be a nurse.