Conference and Meeting Room Availability & Scheduling

The conference and meeting rooms listed below can be reserved from Outlook by faculty and staff with mailboxes on the campus Exchange server. 
For faculty and staff not using the campus Exchange email system, verify the availability by clicking on a room number(s) in the below table. If the desired room is available, it may be scheduled by sending an email to the Contact email addresses listed for the room. The request should include the following information:
  • Room number
  • Event name
  • Event date
  • Event start time
  • Event end time
  • Event contact
  • Number of attendees 
  • Are students attending?
  • Do you require audio/visual technologies? If yes, please provide details. 
  • Will food or drink be served? If yes, please provide details.


     Web conferencing  Web conferencing using a PC webcam

     Video Conferencing  Video Conferencing

     Computer  Computer with projector

     Phone Line  Phone line

     Whiteboard  Whiteboard/Blackboard


UMSN 400 North Ingalls Building (400NIB)

RoomNumber of SeatsContactFeatures
1330 400NIB  
Computer  Phone Line  Whiteboard   Web Conferencing
2173 400NIB8UMSN-FacultyAdminSupport@umich.eduWeb Conferencing
3172 400NIB9UMSN-FacultyAdminSupport@umich.eduWeb Conferencing
4151 400NIB8UMSN-FacultyAdminSupport@umich.eduWhiteboard  Web Conferencing
4170B 400NIB8UMSN-FacultyAdminSupport@umich.eduWhiteboard Phone Line
Computer  Phone Line Whiteboard  Web Conferencing

School of Nursing Building (SNB), 426 N. Ingalls

RoomNumber of SeatsContactFeatures
1240/1250 SNB160/250

Computer  Phone Line Whiteboard  Video Conferencing
3006 SNB4UMSN-FacultyAdminSupport@umich.eduComputer Phone Line

Computer Phone Line Video Conferencing

4140 SNB10UMSN-FacultyAdminSupport@umich.eduVideo Conferencing