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Emily Pasman, PhD, LMSW

Research Fellow
Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences
2241 NURS1

University of Michigan School of Nursing
400 North Ingalls Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5482

Telephone: (734) 647-4777

In the news


  • Substance use
  • Stigma
  • Recovery
  • Harm reduction
  • Peer-delivered services

Emily Pasman is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Health. Her social work practice has centered around the development, implementation, and evaluation of peer-delivered services for people in, or seeking, recovery from addiction. Her current program of research aims to expand harm reduction interventions, improve peer-delivered services, and promote effective youth prevention and recovery support. In each area, she examines stigma as a primary barrier to effective service provision. The overall goal of her work is to reduce overdose fatalities and other substance use-related harms by increasing access to evidence-based health services. 


  • PhD, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 2023
  • MSW, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 2019
  • BS, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 2013

Publication Highlights

  • Pasman, E., O'Shay, S., Brown, S., Madden, E. F., Agius, E., & Resko, S. M. (2023). Ambivalence and contingencies: A qualitative examination of peer recovery coaches' attitudes toward medications for opioid use disorder. Jouranl of Substance Use and Addiction Treatment

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  • Pasman, E., Brown, S., Agius, E., & Resko, S. M. (2023). Support for safe consumption sites among peer recovery coaches. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

  • Pasman, E., Clift, J., Broman, M., Madden, E. F., Agius, E., & Resko, S. M. (2023). "It depends on what you consider recovery": Perceptions of client cannabis use among peer recovery coaches. Journal of Drug Issues

  • Pasman, E., Agius, E., O'Shay, S., Broman, M., Lee, G., & Resko, S. M. (2023). Are campus services reaching those in need? Substance use and awareness of university counseling services. Journal of College Student Psychotherapy. 1.

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  • O'Shay, S., Pasman, E., Hicks, D. L., Brown, S., Agius, E., & Resko, S. M. (2023). Affected family members' communicative managmenet of opioid misuse stigma: Applying and rethinking the stigma management communication typology. Journal of Family Communication, 23(2), 89-106.

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  • Broman, M. J., Pasman, E., Brown, S., Lister, J. J., Agius, E., & Resko, S. M. (2022). Social support is associated with reduced stigma and shame in a sample of rural and small urban adults in methadone treatment. Addiction Research & Theory, 31(1), 37-44.

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  • Pasman, E., Agius, E., Victor, G., Broman, M., Ray, B., & Resko, S. (2022). Willingness to use syringe service programs and safe consumption sites among methadone patients with histories of injection drug use in a small Midwest community. Addiction Research & Theory, 30(3), 162-168.