Certificate in health informatics

Specialty appeal

  • Health informatics is a growing field. The job market for health informatics professionals is increasing and expected to continue doing so. 
  • Individuals with deep understanding of leadership in information-enabled healthcare organizations are in high demand. This program is designed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of those who see the challenges of our changing health system. 
  • Leaders who want to bring positive transformation to our healthcare system will come from all different fields - health professionals, health librarians, engineers, legal professionals, business-minded individuals, sociologists, and others - to learn from exceptional faculty and one another.


The certificate in health informatics is an interdisciplinary program designed for individuals who seek to enhance their understanding and application of informatics to health and health care, and help drive the improvement and innovation that is necessary in a new era. 

The program is available to those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and who have at least one year of experience in a health-related position. We do not require licensure as a health professional, although a solid understanding of health systems is strongly advised. 

Students who complete the certificate in the health informatics program obtain content and practice hours that may qualify them to sit for a variety of informatics certifications.  

The web-blended curriculum incorporates self-paced learning with on-campus engagement. Interaction with our world-class faculty and other students occurs online and during approximately four to eight distributed days of on-site classes each semester, supplemented by virtual learning experiences.


Currently-enrolled graduate students at UMSN should contact their advisor for application information. All other students should apply for this certificate through the post-master's application process


Students will need to elect at least one graduate level cognate course (minimum 3 credits) in area of focus and approved by advisor. 

Total number of credits required: 16

HS 510: Foundations of Informatics (4 credits, offered in Fall)

HS 610: Sociotechnical Components of HIT Systems ( 3 credits, offered in Winter)

HS 612: Evaluation Methods for Health Informatics (3 credits, offered in Fall)

HS 710: Informatics Practicum (3 credits, offered in Fall)

Cognate (3 credits, offered in Fall/Winter)