Sara and Robert Rothschild strengthen global health support at the U-M School of Nursing with establishment of endowed professorship

The U-M School of Nursing today announced that Sara (BSN ’65) and Robert Rothschild, who have supported global health initiatives at the School since 2016, through the Rothschild Global Scholars program, have established the Sara and Robert Rothschild Professor of Global Nursing Fund. The Rothschild’s new gift to the U-M School of Nursing will enhance its mission to provide health for all by supporting a faculty member who contributes positively to the nursing profession and to the world through dedicated leadership, focused research, and by creating programs to enhance nursing practice and care for all.

Sara Rothschild’s interest in global health began when President John F. Kennedy introduced the idea of the Peace Corps on the steps of the Michigan Union in 1960. While joining the Peace Corps at that time was not the right fit for her, she was inspired by President Kennedy’s challenge to serve the cause of peace by working in the developing world. Sara and her husband Bob Rothschild have been able to work toward that challenge issued many years ago on the steps of the Michigan Union through variety of philanthropic efforts.

Most notably, the couple has funded the construction of 19 libraries in Botswana through their family foundation and helped send U-M nursing students to work, study, research and learn alongside faculty and partners around the world with the creation of the Rothschild Global Scholars Program. The creation of the Professor of Global Nursing Fund at the U-M School of Nursing aims to complement all of these efforts.

“Throughout the last 55 years, Bob and I have been fortunate to be able to collaborate with others in some exciting and meaningful projects,” said Sara Rothschild. “Bob has been able to use his experience in construction and engineering to guide our library projects in Botswana. As a nurse with a community health background, I see the value of supporting education in public health in developing countries with nurses at the forefront of this effort. Bob and I think this professorship can help accomplish that.”

“Sara and Bob Rothschild’s support of global health has enabled our students and faculty to carry on the legacy of global nursing scholarship at U-M, which serves our mission to provide health for all,” said Dean Patricia D. Hurn. “Their latest gift to our School establishing the Professor of Global Nursing Fund will have a lasting impact on nurses’ ability to lead the transformation of healthcare around the world.”