Support impactful faculty projects during the U-M School of Nursing’s second annual We Dare Challenge

Together we decide

Four weeks. One choice. 

Join the challenge

From Friday, Oct.1, through Sunday, Oct. 31, the University of Michigan School of Nursing is issuing its second annual We Dare Challenge, giving those who value nurses a chance to collectively support three dynamic projects led by U-M School of Nursing faculty.

The U-M School of Nursing We Dare Challenge will bring together like-minded individuals who want to support nursing education and outreach, giving everyone the opportunity to choose which faculty-led initiatives are most important to them.

“This is an opportunity for us to come together in a fun and exciting way to support the important work of our faculty on campus and in the community,” said Dean of the U-M School of Nursing Patricia D. Hurn. “This work not only enhances education for our students but also addresses crucial issues that impact health equity.”

What will you be supporting?

Nursing faculty participate in a variety of projects each academic year, from groundbreaking research to the development of new interventions and educational approaches. The three projects that will be featured as part of this year’s We Dare Challenge highlight the breadth of work faculty engage in at the School of Nursing, focusing on occupational health hazards for an underrepresented population, innovative communication that can lead to lifesaving care and state-of-the-art skills training for the next generation of nursing leaders.

How can you participate?

There are no restrictions on who can take part in the challenge — gifts of any size are welcome and encouraged. Learn more about the We Dare Challenge and make a gift.

By making a gift during the challenge, donors receive an exclusive invitation to a special virtual event on Monday, Nov. 1, when faculty will pitch each project and make their case for funding in a livestream broadcast. At the end of the event, donors vote on which project they want to support with the collective funds raised in October.

“The We Dare challenge is a modern twist on a traditional giving circle; it’s a social way to give that can lead to a bigger impact,” said the School of Nursing’s Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations Colleen Zimmerman. “This is a chance for all those who are passionate about the future of nursing to learn about the strength of our programs and get an inside look at the important work our faculty members are doing.”