Meet your professor: Akshay Sharma, Ph.D., MBBS, MPH

Dr. Sharma will discuss the incidence and prevalence of infectious diseases during a mock lecture for admitted students on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

A recipient of the U-M School of Nursing’s 2020 Mae Edna Doyle Teacher of the Year Award, Assistant Professor Akshay Sharma leads undergraduate nursing students through courses in pathophysiology, microbiology and infectious diseases. Trained as a physician and an infectious disease epidemiologist, his research focuses on HIV and STD prevention, sexual and gender minority health and more.

“I employ an interactive approach that emphasizes active participation using mobile and online technologies,” Sharma said. “I strongly believe that engaging students in a supportive environment facilitates better learning and enhances retention.”

Get an inside look at life as a nursing student at the University of Michigan as Assistant Professor Akshay Sharma, Ph.D., MBBS, MPH delivers a special mock lecture for admitted students.

The combination of Sharma’s medical and epidemiological training allows him to bring a unique perspective to his courses. In addition to focusing on the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms and progression of various diseases, Sharma makes a point to highlight potential risk factors and discuss the public health tools used to identify and evaluate them.

“Because nurses play a significant role in preventive health care, I ensure my courses include basic content on prevention strategies,” he explained.

Sharma also brings his expertise as a researcher to help nurses build valuable skills and possibly spark new interests in nursing science. He regularly incorporates aspects of his own research projects into the classroom, particularly in courses on microbiology and infectious diseases.

“Nurses are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and application of relevant research evidence in their primary role as a caregivers and advocates for their patients. It is critical that our students gain an understanding of why nursing research is important, how research is conducted and how research informs clinical practice,” Sharma said. “Exposure to research at the undergraduate level can allow students to discover a passion they might not know existed.”

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