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we're bAAck! (and nurses??)

Josiah Ratts
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So...y’all got A lunch or B lunch?

Louis Bryxter Navalta
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At @JHUNursing and @UMichNursing, I was taught to value health more than disease, and unity rather than division.

Eternally grateful to the nursing leaders who made me who I am today.

Rep. Lauren Underwood
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Student in mask and white coat

*Study pharm 4-6 hours qday PRN upcoming exam*

Do all NP and/or nursing students think pharm is the worst?

Spending this afternoon taking a brain break to have a picnic with friends in this BEAUTIFUL Ann Arbor weather then back to the books 

What are y’all up to this weekend?!

Kendra Mikatarian
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Collage of student photos

This year orientation was online instead of in person but we still had a great time welcoming our new students. Here are orientation selfies shared by a few of our new students. We hope they look back on this day as the start of something great.

To all our new students - Welcome to Michigan!

#UMichACPNP #UMichNursing 

Katie Nelson


Masked students in front of clinic

@UMichNursing undergrads, thank you for helping @UMSRFC vaccinate Livingston County against the flu #WeDare

Lexie Green
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Big thing poppin! I'm so excited about this opportunity and couldn't have done it without the love and support of so many. I'll keep you posted on what's to come!

Renée Pitter


Student in mask and Michigan shirt with quote

This semester looks unlike any other, but staff, faculty, & @UMichStudents are finding new ways to engage with one another during these unprecedented times. @UMichNursing  students share their thoughts on returning for a public health-informed fall semester

University of Michigan
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