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Members of our U-M School of Nursing family took to social media to congratulate the Class of 2020, honor nurses on the front lines or simply show support for one another during challenging times. 

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Today, we’re featuring 2020 graduate Abby Walters! Abby is a member of our trombone section and will graduate with a degree in Nursing. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career in Oncology Nursing. Her favorite MMB memory is our victory against Notre Dame in the pouring rain this past season. We are so proud of you, Abby! 

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A group of #UMichNursing alumni recently shared a photo and a few words from the front lines of the #COVID19 pandemic.⁣⁣
"We met freshman year, spent all 4 years together leaning on each other throughout nursing school, and now we get to lean on each other again during these times. We never thought that this would be our first year of nursing, but being surrounded by these amazing nurses has made it so much better!⁣

We graduated in 2019 and are currently nurses at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. We are so thankful that U-M not only prepared us for this pandemic, but also gave us lifelong friends."⁣
Liz, McKenzie, Maddy, Matt and all of our outstanding Michigan Nurses, we are so grateful for your selfless leadership in unprecedented times. ⁣⁣
Thank you for your dedication to improving health for all. ⁣⁣
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Celebrating my graduation differently than expected but still so excited for today! It has been long, rewarding, & difficult at times, but the absolute best 6 years to get here!

Today I graduate from the University of Michigan School of Nursing, Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program with my Master of Science and Nursing. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, challenged and cheered me on along the way. Go Blue!! 

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Adriana Smith

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#Nurses have played a vital role in our battles against disease for centuries, evolving their skills and the profession to meet ever-changing needs in #healthcare, #publichealth, & more. For #NursesMonth,

@umichsph/@UMichNursing  Sarah Stoddard explains: 


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Congratulations to our University of Michigan School of Nursing Doctor’s of Nursing Practice. Welcome and thanks for making virtual graduation tonight. @UMichNursing  #WeDare

Barbara Medvec

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Sarah Grace

who needs the hood. i have a paper hat! ⁣

there’s no ceremony, no stage. my granny isn’t here to celebrate (she’s a ‘49 u of m alumni!). ⁣

last week i was turned down from a job i really wanted. ⁣

and i thought by this time i’d have my dream guy. be wedding planning. ⁣

grad school was hard & most of it i was trapped in the dark cave of depression. ⁣

but the last three years weren’t about the degree. ⁣

they were about falling in love with God. ⁣

they were about knowing myself as a daughter and becoming a sister and friend.⁣

yeah, it wasn’t what i expected. ⁣

and praise God for that. ⁣

i woke up this morning, like every morning, to robins outside my window and a slow, solitary walk in the park. i drank coffee from the same mug i always do. i put on country music and my sister made me a stack of banana pancakes. we sat on the porch and laughed about the journey. ⁣

God is always good, and it’s been the best graduation day yet. 

#UMichNursing #MGoGrad

Sarah Grace

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It’s been an extraordinarily challenging few days, weeks, and months for many of us. Here is my message to you: We are here for you. We are working for you. Standing with you. And praying for you.

Rep. Lauren Underwood 

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Student in jacket with Midwifery logo

Today I am officially an alumni of the University of Michigan. I hold the letters MSN for Masters of Science in Nursing behind my name. It’s surreal!

Go Discover. Go Achieve. Go Serve. And Go Blue!

#mgograd #universityofmichigan 

Miranda Ramey

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Group of students standing together

Please join me in congratulating these brilliant nurses graduating and heading to work during this pandemic. They have earned graduation in the big house, but are not getting it until after the country gets back to normal. Each of these students has an extra special place in my heart #goblueforever


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Today, the Innovation Ambassadors of met with our dean,to highlight #nursinginnovation in the past, the present, and where we would like to take #innovation in the future. I am SO proud of all that we've accomplished throughout the year. #Goblue!


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It was always a dream of mine to go to the University of Michigan, and I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be continuing my academic career there! I’ve accepted a spot for enrollment in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program for Fall 2020!!! Thanks to everybody who has been a part of my life and helped me along the way to realizing one of my biggest academic and career goals.
Wherever you go, Go Blue

Danny Vachon

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Idk her but something about her makes me trust her with my life


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On the last official day of winter term, we're taking a moment to recognize the students who are celebrating their final last day of classes.

This photo was taken by soon-to-be DNP graduate Kristina Sangalang on her last first day of graduate school this fall. We hope all of our future graduates have a great last day of classes, no matter where you are. #MGoGrad #Victors2020


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