Current students

1 (844) SON-TALK

Have a concern on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion at the School of Nursing? If you experience or witness something that threatens our values of respect and tolerance, we ask you to let us know about it. Please call 1 (844) SON-TALK (766-8255).

Know that while this line is not confidential, all matters will be handled with care and consideration. You may also wish to contact UMSN's Chief Inclusion Officer Rushika Patel.


CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) will be on location at the School of Nursing. Kristen Adams, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, will provide students with short-term counseling to help address and overcome personal difficulties that interfere with academic and career objectives. Please reach out to her if you think you might need help. Make an appointment at or by calling (734) 764-4525. Common concerns that CAPS helps with are: text anxiety, academic difficulties, stress, problems with relationships, self-esteem, insomnia, depression, substance use, suicidal thinking, sexuality, and others. 

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Advising & student services

Undergraduate Student Services

Undergraduate student advising: Our undergraduate advisors can be reached at or by calling 734-764-0092. 

Undergraduate student compliance: For notification and tracking of student compliance requirements. Contact

Undergraduate student clinical placements: Services provided identification of clinical sites, placement of students in clinical agencies with faculty collaboration and onboarding for specific clinical placements. Contact

Student resolutions officer: Dr. Melissa Bathish

Second career faculty lead: Professor Tina Leech

Practice and Professional Graduate Student Services

Services for all graduate students in our master's and DNP programs, and clinical placement, onboarding and compliance services for Ph.D. students. Other student services for Ph.D. students are provided by Ph.D. Program Director Dr. Ellen Smith.

Graduate student advising: Advisors provide general program advising, program plans, course overrides, career planning and professional development events.

Graduate student compliance: Services provided include notification and tracking for student compliance requirements.

Graduate student clinical placements: Services provided include identification of clinical sites, placement of students with faculty and preceptors for clinical experiences and onboarding for all placements.

FAQs for student services.