Be prepared... from vaccines to visas

Pre-Departure Preparation

Once a program or activity has been chosen and applications have been accepted, there is still a lot to do in preparing to travel out of the country. Below are several steps to help you successfully prepare for your trip.

1. Register on the U-M International Travel Registry Website

  • Students, faculty and staff from all U-M campuses who travel abroad for University-related purposes must enter their itineraries and travel plans in the U-M Travel Registry. This online database facilitates communication in the event of an emergency. Note: Some U-M sponsored programs will register you and purchase your insurance coverage as part of a group – check with program staff before you register yourself. Even if your travel is not sponsored by U-M, registration is strongly advised so that you have the protection of U-M emergency support and travel health coverage.

  • To learn more and complete a registration for international travel, visit U-M International Travel Registry.

2. Purchase Travel Abroad Health Insurance

  • Students, faculty and staff from all U-M campuses who travel abroad for University-related purposes must have U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance. (University-related purposes include study, research, business, conferences, internships, work and volunteer activities.)

  • The U-M contracts with HTH Worldwide, a leader in international travel health insurance, to provide this coverage. U-M’s HTH institutional policy is among the most comprehensive travel coverage available, including mental health services and even evacuation in the event of a political crisis. It is also inexpensive ($5 to register and $1.10 per day.)

  • Please see University Health Service-Travel Abroad Insurance for instructions and more information.

3. Review Pre-Departure Checklists

  • The U-M International Center recommends reviewing these pre-departure checklists, which cover the essentials for successful global travel.

4. Get Credits Pre-Approved for Transfer

  • Students participating in a study abroad program administered by the School of Nursing, the Center for Global and Intercultural Study, or another U-M academic unit will most likely earn in-residence U-M credit which appears on their transcript as U-M coursework without any transfer process involvement. Students on these programs remain registered at U-M while they are abroad.

  • Students participating in a program offered through another accredited educational institution or an outside study abroad provider should meet with their academic advisor to have the classes pre-evaluated for transfer credit. For the consultation meeting, students should bring the course description and the syllabus for each class they would like to transfer. Schedule an advising appointment. 

  • Whether selecting a U-M administered program or that of another accredited educational institution, students should meet with their academic advisor to determine if credits earned abroad can apply towards specific degree requirements.