Faculty By Department

Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences

Ammerman, Beth Clinical Instructor
Arslanian-Engoren, Cynthia Associate Professor
Bay, Esther H. Clinical Associate Professor
Bell, Sue Anne Clinical Associate Professor
Bigelow, April D. Clinical Associate Professor
Blush, Ray Clinical Assistant Professor
Boucher, Nicole L. Clinical Assistant Professor
Boyd, Carol J. Professor
Boyse, Kyla LEO Lecturer I
Bruggeman, Teresa M. Assistant Professor
Burns, Jade Research Fellow
Buu, Yuh-Pey Anne Associate Professor
Carter, Laura LEO Lecturer I
Casida, Jesus (Jessie) M. Assistant Professor
Charania, Nadia A. Clinical Assistant Professor
Crone, Barbara Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Crowe, Rachael LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Dahlem, Chin Hwa (Gina) Y. Clinical Assistant Professor
Darbes, Lynae Associate Professor
Darling-Fisher, Cynthia S. Clinical Associate Professor
Deibel, Megan Clinical Assistant Professor
Dinov, Ivo D. Professor
Duffy, Elizabeth A. Clinical Assistant Professor
Eagle, Megan J. Clinical Instructor
Franklin, Mary Clinical Assistant Professor
Gallagher, Nancy "Amby" Clinical Assistant Professor
Gultekin, Laura Assistant Professor
Hagerty, Bonnie M. Associate Professor
Hecht, Natalie LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Holden, Janean E. Barbara A. Therrien Collegiate Professor of Nursing
Hughes, Susan D. Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Joiner, Kevin Research Fellow
Jones, Lenette M. Assistant Professor
Kahle, Erin M Assistant Professor
Kane Low, Lisa Associate Professor
Kuzma, Elizabeth Clinical Assistant Professor
Lange, Paul Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor
Larson, Janet L. Shaké Ketefian Collegiate Professor of Nursing
Lee, Deborah Clinical Instructor
Lori, Jody R. Associate Professor
Marvicsin, Donna J. Clinical Associate Professor
Mason, Heidi Clinical Instructor
Munro-Kramer, Michelle L. Assistant Professor
Mutumba, Massy Assistant Professor
Nelson, Kathryn Clinical Assistant Professor
Pardee, Michelle Clinical Assistant Professor
Price, Deborah M. Clinical Assistant Professor
Riley, Penny Clinical Assistant Professor
Roosevelt, Lee Clinical Assistant Professor
Ross-Durow, Paula L. Clinical Assistant Professor
Saint Arnault, Denise M. Associate Professor
Saslow, Laura R. Assistant Professor
Scanlon, Karen LEO Lecturer I
Sharma, Akshay Assistant Professor
Smith, Ellen Lavoie Associate Professor
Stephenson, Rob Professor
Strobbe, Stephen Clinical Associate Professor
Struble, Laura M. Clinical Associate Professor
Timmerman, Nicole LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Ursuy, Peggy Ann Clinical Assistant Professor
Visovatti, Moira A. Assistant Professor
Wagner, Elissa A. Clinical Assistant Professor
Zielinski, Ruth E. Clinical Associate Professor

Department of Systems, Populations and Leadership

Abbott, Patricia Associate Professor
Aebersold, Michelle L. Clinical Associate Professor
Anderson, Christine Clinical Assistant Professor
Costa, Deena Kelly Assistant Professor
Davis, Matthew A. Assistant Professor
Gosselin, Ann K. Assistant Clinical Professor
Harris, Marcelline Associate Professor
Hoffman, Geoffrey J. Assistant Professor
Jiang, Yun Assistant Professor
Kusunoki, Yasamin Assistant Professor
Liu, Xuefeng (Chris) Associate Professor
Marcotte, John E. Adjunct Clinical Instructor
McLeod, Anne LEO Adjunct Lecturer, Undergraduate Studies Program Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Medvec, Barbara R. Clinical Assistant Professor
Robinson-Lane, Sheria G. Assistant Professor
Rosemberg, Marie-Anne Sanon Assistant Professor
Schoville, Rhonda Clinical Assistant Professor
Seng, Julia S. Professor
Shuman, Clayton J. Assistant Professor
Stoddard, Sarah A. Assistant Professor
Titler, Marita G. Rhetaugh G. Dumas Endowed Professor
Tschannen, Dana Clinical Associate Professor
Yakusheva, Olga Associate Professor

Undergraduate Studies Program

Accurso, Diane K. Clinical Instructor
Arvo, Sharon LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Asher, Diane Clinical Instructor
Bathish, Melissa LEO Lecturer I
Beljan, Mary LEO Lecturer I
Benloucif-Moore, Suzanne Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Birdsell, James LEO Lecturer I
Bradshaw, Kimberly Clinical Instructor
Brant, Amy Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Brough, Elizabeth J. Clinical Instructor
Buslawski, Patricia A LEO Lecturer I
Candela, Danielle LEO Lecturer I
Cassette, Mary LEO Lecturer I
Ciesluk, Christina Clinical Instructor
Coleman-Burns, Patricia W. Assistant Professor Emerita
Dallwig, Amber L. Clinical Instructor
DeLaney, Michele LEO Lecturer I
Doman, Catherine LEO Lecturer I
Edick, Paul LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Erber, Mark Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Eschelbach, Ann Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Ferguson, Diane L. Clinical Instructor
Flaherty-Robb, Marna Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Fromes, Gail Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Galunas, Laura Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Gardner, Paula LEO Adjunct Lecturer
George, Carol Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Goldberg, Janet L. Clinical Instructor
Hallman, Ilze Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Harden, Karen Clinical Instructor
Hendee, Karly LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Hesseltine, Beth Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Hickey, Kimberly Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Homady-Selva, Jessica Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Ilitch, Michelle Adjunct Clinical Instructor
James, Shandra LEO Lecturer I
Kidd, Kirsten LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Klimek Kleefisch, Ashleigh M. Clinical Instructor
Kovacevich, Debbie Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Kristofik, Carol Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Larrimore, Lisa LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Lee, Corinne Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor
Leech, Christine ("Tina") Clinical Instructor
Lopes, Elizabeth LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Martinez-Kratz, Marina LEO Lecturer I
Martinez-McCormick, Mary Clinical Instructor
Mason, Laura LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Mehta, Nimita Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Mowry, Jole Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Neeb, Karen A. Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Nestro, Leslie LEO Lecturer I
Pagac, Gretchen Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Parker, Mary Lynn Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Parry, Juanita Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Pauli, Valerie LEO Lecturer I
Policicchio, Judith Clinical Instructor
Pruett, Nicole LEO Lecturer I
Ranks, Ruth LEO Intermittent Lecturer
Ratliff, Sandra Clinical Instructor
Reynolds, Jennifer Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Russell, Beth C. Clinical Instructor
Sandefur, John LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Sanvordenker, Jill Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Sarkar, Norma J. Clinical Instructor
Sears, Darlene LEO Lecturer I
Shakoor, Kelly Clinical Instructor
Sharrard, Jennifer LEO Lecturer I
Skalski, Amy LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Smith, Meredith Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Speck, Nicole Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Sullivan, Barbara-Jean Clinical Assistant Professor Emerita
Szpara, Toni Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Thomas, Allison B. LEO Lecturer I
Voepel-Lewis, Terri Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Weinberg, Tina LEO Adjunct Lecturer
Westfall, Maureen Clinical Instructor
Young Miller, Barbara LEO Lecturer I