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Funding Global Experiences

In support of global education, there are a range of funding opportunities available that provide support for educational programs, internships, service projects, and research in international settings. Students are encouraged to investigate as many funding options as possible. UMSN's Global Nursing Canvas site includes news, deadlines, and funding opportunities for School of Nursing students. If you would like access to the site, please send an email request.

Important Considerations

Earning Credit for Study Abroad

It is possible to earn U-M credits abroad during a regular fall or winter term, and some of these credits can be counted towards nursing requirements or as electives. Students should be aware that these credits, if not carefully scheduled, might increase their course load above 18 credits, causing additional tuition charges to be imposed.
For example:
We recommend that any student considering one of these options pay particularly close attention to the timing and tuition cost issues when discussing their plans with advisors so as not to exceed 18 credits in a single term. CGIS also charges program fees for both GIEU and Global Course Connections to cover accommodations, meals, excursions, etc., so students should use the CGIS projected program budget worksheets to determine expected total costs for these programs.

Federal Financial Aid

Most credit-bearing U-M programs are eligible for financial aid, but it is best to speak with an Office of Financial Aid (OFA) advisor before making any assumptions.  Some types of federal aid can be applied to non-U-M programs, but you will need to work closely with OFA.

Co-Curricular (Non-Credit) Global Engagement

Financial aid is not available for non-credit internships or service projects. Additionally, many of the available scholarships are meant to fund formal study abroad opportunities. When looking to finance international experiences that do not earn academic credit, students should look specifically for financial support targeting internship, service, or research experiences.  Please see link in the second bullet of the section immediately below.  

Recommended Steps to Secure Funding

Get Acquainted with the U-M International Center's Vast Resources

When seeking and applying for funding, the School of Nursing's Office of Global Outreach (OGO) advises students to start with the following resources from the U-M International Center:

Explore the Office of Global Outreach Funding Sources

The School of Nursing is committed to providing a globally focused education for its students. To this end, OGO aims to increase students' opportunities for global study, research, civic engagement, and service by offering scholarships that support this international work. To learn more, please visit: GO Student Scholarships.

Explore Other U-M Funding Resources

Besides those resources found through the U-M International Center, below is a list of other campus-based units that offer scholarships and grants for global opportunities: