BSN Program - Sophomore Transfer Applicants

Students from other universities and colleges and from other units within the University of Michigan can apply for transfer admission to the undergraduate nursing program. Transfer students complete prerequisite coursework as a part of the application process, enabling them to enter into the sophomore year of the program. Transfer students begin during the summer term and then complete three full years in the program to gain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Application Deadline

Transfer Admission Deadline: February 1, 2018

External Transfer Application Information 

The Common Application for transfer students is accessible online at beginning August 1.
On that site: 
  1. Add the University of Michigan to your list of colleges
  2. Select transfer admission as your admission type
  3. Select Summer 2018 as your term of choice
  4. Select the School of Nursing as your school of choice
A complete application for transfer admission must include:
  • U-M Questions
  • The Common Application personal essay
  • One Academic Evaluator/Instructor recommendation
  • Resume

Your one-page resume should include both academic and professional/extracurricular experiences, highlighting any experience relevant to the healthcare field. Examples of relevant experience may include job shadowing, volunteer opportunities, informational interviews, and leadership experience

  • Official high school transcripts and official transcripts from all colleges previously attended must be sent to:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
1220 Student Activities Building
515 East Jefferson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316
  • Standardized Test Sorces

Send test scores to the University of Michigan directly from the testing agendy using the following exam codes: SAT code: 1839; ACT code: 2062. If you did not take the SAT or ACT as a high school student, these scores are not a required component of your transfer application. Please contact the Recruiting & Admissions team to request a waiver for this requirement. 

  • Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form showing a full plan to complete all prerequisite coursework. Please see detailed instructions regarding this requirement below.

Cross Campus Transfer Application Information (Current U-M-Ann Arbor Students)

The cross campus transfer application is accessible through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
A complete cross campus transfer application must include:
  • Essays (uploaded as a part of the application)
  • Resume (uploaded as a part of the application) - Your one-page resume should include both academic and professional/extracurricular experiences, highlighting any experience relevant to the healthcare field. Examples of relevant experience may include job shadowing, volunteer opportunities, informational interviews, and leadership experience
  • Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form showing a full plan to complete all prerequisite coursework. Please see detailed instructions regarding this requirement below.

How Can I Make Myself a Competitive Applicant?

The admissions committee will perform a holistic review of your application. The School of Nursing looks for students who show solid academic strength (particularly within the natural sciences), sustained extracurricular involvement, and a genuine, demonstrated interest in the field of nursing.

Educational Background

  • Demonstrated strength and competency in the sciences
  • academic strength in all prerequisite coursework
  • excellent academic performance in completed undergraduate coursework (a GPA of 3.0 is recommended, however a higher GPA will make you more competitive) 

Extracurricular Activities

  • Job shadowing can help students determine their career aspirations and support a stated commitment to the field.
  • Volunteering, especially if it provides exposure to the clinical environment, can be helpful to students as they explore their reasons for pursing a nursing degree.
  • Experience in research can help prepare a student for the opportunity to participate in independent study research with faculty at the junior and/or senior level.
  • Leadership is important, but note that we are more interested in learning what skills were acquired and how the skills were developed through leadership activity rather than merely the title or position held.

Personal Qualities

  • Emotional intelligence: the ability to read people and situations is critical to becoming a successful nurse. Emotional intelligence also includes the ability to determine the appropriate behavior and communication in a clinical setting. 
  • Communication skills: A nurse must be able to understand a patient's perspective, ask the right questions in the right way when speaking with patients, and exercise effective non-verbal behavior when interacting with patients and their families. 
  • Initiative: The structure of our program requires that our nursing students demonstrate initiative on a regular basis. They must have the ability to synthesize information learning in class and apply it to clinical experience while continually asking questions as a part of their immersion learning process.

Can I Visit the School of Nursing?

Please do! Information sessions are offered monthly at the School of Nursing.

Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form 

In addition to the online application, transfer students must also submit the Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form in order to complete their application. The Supplemental Form provides a space to outline your profess toward completing the prerequisite requirements. Instructions on how to complete the form are included in the first tab of the document.
Submit the completed form to by the application deadline.
See below for information on prerequisite coursework and transfer equivalencies.

Required Prerequisite Coursework & Transfer Equivalency

To be considered for the Traditional BSN Program as a transfer student from either another college/university or as a cross campus transfer from another unit within the University of Michigan, applicants must have completed the following college-level prerequisite coursework including:

  • English Composition (equivalent to U-M ENG 125)
  • Introductory Psychology (equivalent to U-M PSYCH 111)
  • Developmental Psychology (equivalent to U-M PSYCH 250)
  • Organic Biochemistry (equivalent to U-M BIOLCHEM 212)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (equivalent to U-M NURS 210)
  • Electives (7-8 credits)
Sophomore-level transfer students may transfer around 30 credits, including the prerequisite coursework, if offered admission.
While transfer students will have their first class during the Summer term, all prerequisite coursework must be completed by the start of the Fall term if offered admission. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete both the Organic Biochemistry and Anatomy & Physiology prerequisite courses before summer enrollment, due to the time commitment necessary to fulfill the requirements of the summer nursing course.

Transfer Equivalency

U-M School of Nursing allows credits to be transferred from accredited community colleges and other four-year institutions to meet program-specific prerequisites given that the student earned a grade of "C" or higher in a course that is deemed equivalent.
To determine if completed coursework is transferable, please use the following tools:
Courses listed on either of these resources have been reviewed by the University of Michigan and will satisfy nursing program prerequisites. Note that all clinical science courses must have been completed within the past seven years to be transferable.

Course Review Process

Courses not listed on either the U-M Transfer Equivalency website or the Course Equivalency Guide have not yet been evaluated by the University of Michigan and may not transfer for credit. Courses are evaluated as part of the application review process. To have courses evaluated, prospective students must first complete and submit an application. At that time, a School of Nursing representative will contact you to request course review information.
To prepare for a possible course review, please collect a course description and course syllabus (from the term in which you took the course) for each course needing to be reviewed. Please wait to submit this information until it has been requested by the School of Nursing. 

Determining if Your Course Will Transfer

If you are unable to complete prerequisite coursework by taking pre-approved courses listed on the sites above, we encourage you to make use of the Self-Review Guide to assist you in choosing courses that will have a high likelihood of satisfying prerequisite requirements. To do so, please follow these steps:
  1. Open the Self-Review Guide located on the third tab of the Course Equivalents & Self-Review Guide document
  2. Find the prerequisite course in question on the left column of the document.
  3. Review the “Topics” that must be covered in order for course to satisfy the requirement.
  4. Compare the listed topics with the syllabus for the course you plan to take (or have taken).
  5. If approximately 90% of the course content is the same, there is a strong possibility (but not guarantee) that the course will transfer.
It may helpful to consult with an advisor and/or professor at your current institution for assistance.

Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions by emailing or calling: 734-763-5985.