CASCAID (Complex ACEs, Complex Aid) Project

Finding flow for youth with adverse childhood experiences

University of Michigan School of Nursing CASCAID logoCASCAID (Complex ACEs, Complex Aid) is a study group of nursing faculty formed to research how to redress the adverse impacts of trauma experienced by youth (adverse childhood experiences, or ACE) by creating and studying complex interventions, in other words, complex aid. Complex ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that add up to traumatic and toxic stress that can derail development and impinge on health across the lifespan. Read more about the project.


  • Lay groundwork for participatory research with high-ACE youth
  • Change the paradigm from “high-risk” to “high-ACE” youth
  • Engage with youth, professionals and the state-of-the-science to decrease the impact of trauma on the body.


  • Move nursing toward trauma-informed care
  • Influence traumatic stress research to focus on healthy embodiment and self-regulated wellbeing.
Break the Chain film panel

Schedule of Events

All events are free and open to the public.
February 8: Dinner and a Movie: Break the Chain
March 8: Joan Gillece, PhD, Director of the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care

University of Michigan School of Nursing CASCAID groupTeam

Kathryn Abramoski, PhD student
Yang Li, PhD student