We are proud of our rankings because we believe that they reflect our commitment to our students and to creating a rich scholarly community where participants at all levels can explore, research, engage, strive, and learn. For some this means honing skills that will carry them into a successful nursing career; for others it's pursing specialty areas of interest and refining perspectives in order to become leaders in professional nursing; and for yet others, belonging to our community is about improving knowledge through research and inspiring the next generation to be similarly passionate about the field.

Whatever your level of training and your interest, we are confident that the University of Michigan School of Nursing has the colleagues, the resources, and the community that will make you one of the leaders and best.

Widely recognized as the leader in college/university ranking acumen, U.S. News and World Report acknowledges the high-quality programs available at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. In 2011, the latest ranking year, the University of Michigan School of Nursing's overall Master’s Program was ranked 6th among the several hundred available nationwide. In addition, several of our master’s level specialty programs received top 10 rankings including:

  • Nursing Service Administration (#3)
  • Nurse Practitioner: Adult (#4)
  • Nurse Practitioner: Family (#4)
  • Nursing-Midwifery (#10)