Administrative Faculty & Staff - By Area

*All phone numbers are area code (734) unless otherwise noted.


Dean's Unit:

Office of the Dean 

Suite 1320
Phone: 764-7185, Fax: 764-7186
Kathleen Potempa, Dean and Professor 764-7185
Maureen Coerdt, Assistant Dean for Administration and Student Services 763-6730
Kate Wright, Assistant to the Dean
Danielle Garner-Jones, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 764-7185
DCR teleconference line

Office of Development & External Relations

Room 1154
Phone: 763-9710; Fax: 615-5696
Colleen Zimmerman, Executive Director of Development and External Relations 764-1545
Dina Kutinsky, Assistant Director of Development 764-5891
Amanda Smith, Assistant Director of Development 615-3272
Jodi Smolek, Annual Giving and Alumni Relations Coordinator 763-9524
Kelly Palkowski, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-9710

Office of Business & Administration

Maureen Coerdt, Assistant Dean for Administration and Student Services
Rhonda McCammon Howell, Manager of Faculty and Administrator Support Services 936-3170
Erin Schneider, Administrative Specialist 763-6730

Business Analysis & Facility Planning

Fax: 936-3284
Carleen Champagne, Director of Business Planning and Analysis 763-9842
Marcia Barker, Project Intermediate Manager 615-7125
Joy Millina, Senior Budget Analyst 615-9070
Beverley Smith, Financial Specialist 764-1317
Jamie Smith, Facilities Coordinator Health 764-8153
Bradley Sroka, Financial Aid Officer Intermediate 764-6690
Lori Stautz, Business Manager 763-7115
Andre Toth, Contracts Administrator 936-3730
Donna Constant, Financial Specialist Associate 647-4216

Human Resources

Fax: 764-4429
Lori Ristau, Director of HR 936-3285
Jade Lange, HR Assistant Senior 764-7777
Kari Matthew, HR Generalist Intermediate 763-6792
Jessica Mauney, HR Assistant Senior 764-9522
Lorraine Robert, Faculty Affairs Coordinator 647-3190

Marketing & Communications

Mary Beth Lewis, Marketing & Communications Manager 763-1682
Jaime Meyers, Writer 764-7006
Lauren Prueter, Marketing Coordinator  647-5247

Information Technology

Room 4237
Fax: 615-1666
Kinnothan Nelson, Director of Technology 647-0354
Hairong Geng, Systems Programmer/Analyst 647-0352

IT Technicians,


Office of Clinical Scholarship & Practice Development

Room 4170
Phone: 763-1188;  Fax: 647-2416
Open, Associate Dean  
Cyndie Kimball, Administrative Specialist 763-1264


Office of Academic Affairs:

Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)

Room 1174
Phone: 764-7188, Fax: 763-9357
Bonnie Hagerty, Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Programs 764-7188
Ellen Lavoie Smith, Director of PhD Program 936-1267
Anne Marie Garbinski, Clinical Placement Administrator 764-0659
Josie Pickens, Executive Secretary 764-7188
Melissa Bathish, Research Area Specialist Intermediate 763-5360

Office of Student, Academic & Multicultural Services (OSAMS)

Suite 1160
Phone: 763-5985, Fax: 647-1419
Michele Thompson, Director of OSAMS 763-5985
Carrie Bachler, Administrative Assistant 764-6233
Kelly Everett, Student Activities Coordinator 764-9145
Braley Ferris, Academic Services Associate 936-0881
Julie Fountain, Advisor 615-7874
Ruth Gonzalez, Student Affairs Program Manager 763-3121
Thomas Kasper, Advisor 647-3942
Michele Matouka, Academic Program Manager 647-0116
Angela Serpetti, Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Lead 615-0119
Hannah Stark, Student Services Assistant 763-5985
Julie Stilber, Advisor 615-6154

 Clinical Learning Center

Room 1221
Phone: 936-1410
Michelle Aebersold, Director of the Clinical Learning Center 936-3631
Betsy Cambridge, Instructional Learning Intermediate 936-3631
Ben Oliver, Simulation Technician 936-1410
Jill Van Singel, Instructional Learning Intermediate


School of Nursing Departments:

Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences (Dept. 1)

Suite 2160
Phone: 763-0001, Fax: 936-5525
Dr. Janet Larson, Division Chair 763-0011
Christopher Connelly, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-0002
Maeve Sullivan, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-7304
Carolyn Taylor, Executive Secretary 763-0011

Department of Systems Leadership and Effectiveness Science (Dept. 2)

Suite 4170
Phone: 764-8152, Fax: 647-2416
Dr. Marita Titler, Division Chair 763-1188
Elaine Holleran, Executive Secretary 763-1188
Mary Montie, Project Manager 763-2866
Glen Marian, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 764-8152

School of Nursing Research & Global Affairs:

Office of Research and Global Affairs

Suite 4320
Phone: 764-9555, Fax: 647-9325
Dr. Janean Holden, Associate Dean for Research 763-7667
Dr. Jody Lori,  Associate Dean for Global Affairs 763-0097
Bidisha Ghosh, Statistician Intermediate 647-0128
Tanima Banerjee, Statistician Intermediate 764-9555
Bethany Osborne, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 764-9555
David Ronis, Research Scientist 647-0462
James Yang, Associate Research Scientist 764-4143

Research Support (Grants & Contracts)

Room 4217
Fax: 615-1666
Carleen Champagne, Director of Business Planning and Analysis 763-9842
Lori Stautz, Business Manager 615-1602
Cindy Gallaway, Contract & Grants Specialist 647-2260
Karen Kirchner, Contract & Grants Specialist 615-3258
Joel Scharboneau, Contract & Grants Specialist  647-2261
Karen Szemak, Contract & Grants Specialist 615-8485
Gary Vandermade, Contract and Grants Specialist 647-0278

Office of Global Outreach

Room 3320
Phone: 764-9555
Fax: 647-9325
Dr. Leslie Davis, Director of Global and Community Outreach 615-4494
Dr. Jodi Lori, Deputy Director, PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center 763-0097
Jesica Pedroza, Administrative/Project Coordinator 763-6669
Visiting Scholars (Room 2310) 763-5175

Additional Information

Mailroom Room 2325
School of Nursing Auditorium 300 North Ingalls Building (NIB); Room N12C25
Maintenance – Plant Phone: 647-2059
Technology Support (IT) Phone: 764-4425