Administrative Faculty & Staff - By Area

*All phone numbers are area code (734) unless otherwise noted.


Dean's Unit:

Office of the Dean 

Suite 1320
Phone: 764-7185, Fax: 764-7186
Kathleen Potempa, Dean and Professor 764-7185
Maureen Coerdt, Assistant Dean for Administration and Student Services 763-6730
Kate Wright, Assistant to the Dean
Danielle Garner-Jones, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 764-7185
DCR teleconference line

Office of Development & External Relations

Room 1154
Phone: 763-9710; Fax: 615-5696
Colleen Zimmerman, Executive Director of Development and External Relations 764-1545
Dina Kutinsky, Assistant Director of Development 764-5891
Jodi Smolek, Annual Giving and Alumni Relations Coordinator 763-9524
Kelly Palkowski, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-9710

Office of Business & Administration

Maureen Coerdt, Assistant Dean for Administration and Student Services
Rhonda McCammon Howell, Manager of Faculty and Administrator Support Services 936-3170
Erin Schneider, Administrative Specialist 763-6730

Business Analysis & Facility Planning

Fax: 936-3284
Carleen Champagne, Director of Business Planning and Analysis 763-9842
Marcia Barker, Project Intermediate Manager 615-7125
Joann Crescio Academic Program Specialist 763-3212
Joy Millina, Senior Budget Analyst 615-9070
Eric Skalski, Facilities Manager 647-4098
Beverley Smith, Financial Specialist 764-1317
Jamie Smith, Facilities Coordinator Health 764-8153
Bradley Sroka, Financial Aid Officer Intermediate 764-6690
Lori Stautz, Business Manager 763-7115
Andre Toth, Contracts Administrator 936-3730
Donna Constant, Financial Specialist Associate 647-4216

Human Resources

Fax: 764-4429
Lori Ristau, Director of HR 936-3285
Jade Lange, HR Assistant Senior 764-7777
Kari Matthew, HR Generalist Intermediate 763-6792
Jessica Mauney, HR Assistant Senior 764-9522

Marketing & Communications

Mary Beth Lewis, Marketing & Communications Manager 763-1682
Jaime Meyers, Writer 764-7006
Lauren Stuart, Marketing Coordinator  647-5247

Information Technology

Room 4237
Fax: 615-1666
Kinnothan Nelson, Director of Technology 647-0354
Hairong Geng, Systems Programmer/Analyst 647-0352

IT Technicians,


Academic Affairs:

Academic Affairs

Bonnie Hagerty, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

   Josie Pickens, Executive Secretary


Lisa Kane Low, Associate Dean, Practice and Graduate Professional Studies

   Administrative Assistant, TBA


Ellen Lavoie Smith, Director of PhD Program

   Bethany Osborne, Administrative Assistant


Office of Student, Academic & Multicultural Services (OSAMS)

Suite 1160
Phone: 763-5985, Fax: 647-1419
Michele Thompson, Director of OSAMS 763-5985
Carrie Bachler, Administrative Assistant 764-6233
Cari Ceo, Recruiter Coordinator Unit-Undergraduate 764-3812
Braley Ferris, Academic Services Associate 936-0881
Julie Fountain, Advisor 615-7874
Thomas Kasper, Advisor 647-3942
Bernadette Lis, Recruiting Supervisor 615-4739
Michele Matouka, Academic Program Manager 647-0116
Alicia Schuster, Recruiter Coordinator Unit-Graduate 764-9145
Angela Serpetti, Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Lead 615-0119
Julie Stilber, Advisor 615-6154
Kathryn Wood, Administrative Specialist Intermediate Healthcare 763-3121

 Clinical Learning Center

Room 1221
Phone: 936-1410
Michelle Aebersold, Director of the Clinical Learning Center 936-3631
Betsy Cambridge, Instructional Learning Intermediate 936-3631
Ben Oliver, Simulation Technician 936-1410
Michelle Tennison, Instructional Learning Intermediate 936-3631
Jill Van Singel, Instructional Learning Intermediate


School of Nursing Departments:

Health Behavior and Biological Sciences

Suite 2160
Phone: 763-0001, Fax: 936-5525
Dr. Janet Larson, Division Chair 763-0011
Christopher Connelly, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-0002
Isslam Moubarak, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-0016
Maeve Sullivan, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 763-7304
Carolyn Taylor, Executive Secretary 763-0011

Systems, Populations and Leadership

Suite 4170
Phone: 764-8152, Fax: 647-2416
Dr. Marita Titler, Division Chair 763-1188
Elaine Holleran, Executive Secretary 763-1188
Glen Marian, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 764-8152

School of Nursing Research & Global Affairs:

Office of Research

Suite 4320
Phone: 764-9555, Fax: 647-9325
Dr. Janean Holden, Associate Dean for Research 763-7667
Bidisha Ghosh, Statistician Intermediate 647-0128
Tanima Banerjee, Statistician Intermediate 764-9555
Bethany Osborne, Administrative Assistant Intermediate 764-9555
James Yang, Associate Research Scientist 764-4143

Research Support (Grants & Contracts)

Room 4217
Fax: 615-1666
Carleen Champagne, Director of Business Planning and Analysis 763-9842
Lori Stautz, Business Manager 615-1602
Cindy Gallaway, Contract & Grants Specialist 647-2260
Karen Kirchner, Contract & Grants Specialist 615-3258
Joel Scharboneau, Contract & Grants Specialist  647-2261
Karen Szemak, Contract & Grants Specialist 615-8485
Gary Vandermade, Contract and Grants Specialist 647-0278


Office of Global Affairs

Room 3320
Phone: 615-4494
Fax: 615-9771
Dr. Jody Lori, Associate Dean for Global Affairs and PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center763-0097
Dr. Leslie Davis, Director of Global and Community Outreach615-4494
Rebecca Fritts, Administrative Assistant Intermediate936-2705
Jesica Pedroza, Administrative/Project Coordinator763-6669
Visiting Scholars (Room 2310)763-5175


Additional Information

Mailroom Room 2325
School of Nursing Auditorium 300 North Ingalls Building (NIB); Room N12C25
Maintenance – Plant Phone: 647-2059
Technology Support (IT) Phone: 764-4425