Essential Non-Communicable Disease diagnostics for NCD in Resource Poor Settings with Lee F. Schroeder, MD

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 12:00pm


Room 1330, 400 NIB


Non-Communicable and Chronic Diseases: Methods, Management and Research Monthly Seminar Series
Essential NCD diagnostics for Non-Communicable Disease in Resource-Poor Settings
with Lee F. Schroeder, MD, PhD, Pathology, University of Michigan School of Medicine
Dr. Schroeder's academic focus is at the interface of clinical informatics and health services research, using decision analytic approaches to model and improve the impact of laboratory medicine. This has included research involving laboratory capacity and quality improvement of sub-Saharan African laboratories, modeling the impact of different testing algorithms on health outcomes, and data mining the electronic medical record to better understand the performance of point-of-care testing.
Sponsored by:
D43 Thailand Training Grant
P20 Complexity and Self-management Grant
University of Michigan School of Nursing