School of Nursing Career Fair

UMSN Career Fair will take place at the school of nursing building

2017 Career Fair

Date, time and location TBD

Free for current U-M School of Nursing students and alumni.

Please note for all non-U-M nursing school students attending, there will be a $10 cash entrance fee collected at the door.

Attendees can learn about the organizations that will be at the career fair, their recruitment interests and opportunities in our Career Fair. For an example, see our 2015 exhibitor list.

Things to consider:

Professional attire: Students will be required to wear a business suit to the Career Fair. This will help to create an excellent first impression.

Elevator pitch: An elevator pitch is a 15-30 second introduction that includes your name, clinical experience, relevant work experience, and career interests. When at the Career Fair, you will need to have your elevator pitch ready for exhibitors. A good pitch could ultimately provide you with the opportunity to have a longer conversation with exhibitors.

Business cards: Business cards that have your contact and student information can be a great way to network with exhibitors. You can order 30 free business cards from the University of Michigan Alumni Association

Resume: A strong, well organized resume is always an important component at a career fair. Resumes will be sent to exhibitors prior to the Career Fair and some employers will be selecting individuals they are interested in interviewing.

Professional goals: Before attending the Career Fair, you should have some clear professional goals in mind. Junior BSN students, for instance, may want to obtain an externship that will provide experience in a particular area of interest. Master’s students who will be graduating at the conclusion of the fall or winter semester may have more defined goals of finding a nurse practitioner position in a hospital in a particular region.

Questions for exhibitors: Exhibitors may ask you a variety of questions during the Career Fair, but you will also want to ask them questions. Consider what you will want to know about the potential work and education environments.