Tuition & Fees

For tuition expense planning, please visit the Office of the Registrar for current nursing program tuition rates. The tuition rate a student is charged is based upon a student’s residency, the individual nursing program, and the number of credits a student registers for:
  • There is a tuition rate differential between students with a status of Michigan resident versus Non-Michigan resident. This process is administered by the Residency Classification Office.

  • Undergraduate students are assessed full time tuition for registration from 12-18 credit hours.

  • Graduate students are assessed full time tuition for 9 credit hours of enrollment and above.

  • Unique to the traditional BSN program, tuition rates are further categorized into two divisions; lower and upper. The number of credit hours a student has completed, including credits taken at the University along with transfer and test credits will determine to which division the student is categorized, and thus the tuition rate that will be charged. Lower division is defined as having completed less than 55 credits as of the beginning of the term and upper division is defined as having completed 55 or more credits at the beginning of the term.

  • For more information about terminology used in the tuition tables that is not addressed by the above bullets, please visit the Glossary page on the Office of the Registrar's website.

  • There are lab fees associated with selected nursing courses; with courses and the amount appearing alphabetically by course code (NURSxxx) in the campus-wide listing of courses.  Please visit Class Fees for complete details.

Any questions about tuition and fees should be directed to:
The Office of Tuition and Fees
1210 LSA Bldg.
500 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382
Phone: (734) 615-1572

Housing Costs

On-campus housing costs are separate from tuition costs.  For on-campus housing options and costs, please visit the Living at Michigan website supported by the University Housing unit of the Division of Student Affairs.