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Undergraduate Programs


Nursing is an ever-evolving profession and its greatest asset are the highly trained individuals who improve patient care through both their technical skill and their ability to think critically. At the University of Michigan School of Nursing, we strive for excellence in the fundamental training of future nurses and have developed two undergraduate programs that prepare our graduates to dive right in to a nursing career.

Program Options

Traditional BSN (including Transfer Student information)
Designed for those seeking a traditional, four year undergraduate experience, the Traditional BSN program prepares graduates to enter the field of nursing through a fusion of theoretical classroom study and ample hands-on clinical experience. Sophomore transfers join this program.
Accelerated Second Career BSN
This program caters to students who have already earned at least a baccalaureate degree in any field and want to make a career switch to nursing. In 16 months, students in the Accelerated Second Career BSN program learn the didactic and clinical skills they need to become a nurse capable of practicing in a variety of settings.
The Population Health in a Global Context minor expands the undergraduate content area to provide opportunities for students to more fully explore global health through a variety of courses and a required field experience. The purpose of this minor is to provide students the opportunity to examine health care processes and systems at the global level.