Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom Internet web browser that is used in conjunction with Canvas to secure online exams in classrooms or proctored environments.

Requesting Access to Respondus Lockdown Browser

To request access to Respondus Lockdown Browser, please complete and submit the following form:

Respondus Request Form

Once your request is received, if this is your first time using Respondus Lockdown Browser, a consultation appointment will be scheduled, after which you will be given access to Lockdown Browser for your course. Instructors who have previously used Respondus Lockdown Browser do not need a consultation and their courses will be activated within 3 business days of request receipt.

What are instructors’ responsibilities when using Lockdown Browser?

Instructors are responsible for the following:

  • Providing Respondus Lockdown Browser system requirements to students in their syllabus
  • Implementing and coordinating contingency plans in case of system failures (this includes requesting, distributing, and returning loaner laptops)
  • Configuring Respondus Lockdown Browser exam settings
  • Creating and verifying all students have successfully completed a Respondus Lockdown Browser practice quiz prior to course exams

How can instructors get help with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Requesting help during exam

Instructors and students may experience technology issues during an exam that prevent or inhibit students’ ability to take their quizzes or exams. If this occurs, instructors are responsible for immediately executing their contingency plan so that students can complete the quiz or exam.

Affected students should contact Nursing-IT after their exam to schedule an appointment to troubleshoot their issue. Once a Lockdown Browser issue is confirmed through troubleshooting, Nursing-IT will open a case with the software vendor for resolution. If it is determined that the issue is due to student hardware or software, IT will refer students to authorized service centers for their device.

Requesting assistance from Faculty Support Services

The School of Nursing Instructors Support Services group is available to assist instructors in reserving, distributing, and returning loaner laptops as part of a instructors contingency plan for on campus, online proctored exams. If you would like to utilize their services for your Respondus quizzes and exams, please submit your request for assistance to Include the date, time and location of your exam and the number of laptops you would like to reserve in your message.

Helpful Links

How can students get help with Respondus Lockdown Browser

Students can get help by sending their requests to with the subject line “UMSN Respondus Help.” Student may also drop-in to the Nursing-IT office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm for assistance with any Lockdown Browser issues they encounter.

What is required of students to use Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Students are responsible for the following:

  • Reading and following guidelines for use of Lockdown Browser provided by their course instructor in their course syllabus.
  • Installing Lockdown Browser using the link below or the link provided by instructor in the syllabus.

Download Respondus


  • Completing the practice exam provided by the instructor using Lockdown Browser and ensuring Lockdown Browser is installed and is working. Student should report any issues to their instructor and send request for with the subject line “UMSN Respondus Help” for IT support to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Run and complete any system updates on their computer or tablet prior to their exam date. Students should update their computer or tablet a day before their exam. Updates can take 30 minutes or longer to run and/or requirement multiple reboots, so this should not be done during an exam. Additionally, students are recommended to reboot their computers.
  • Confirming that their devices are connected to the MWireless network or are connected to the campus network via ethernet in the classroom prior to starting Lockdown Browser. No other networks are be supported (mguest, mobile hotspots).
  • Completing the following checklists:

Student Pre-Exam Checklist:

  • I completed the practice quiz for this course prior to my first exam successfully and did not experience any technical issues.
  • I have confirmed my device meets the minimum system requirements for Lockdown Browser.
  • I have run all updates and rebooted my computer within one hour of my exam prior to class.
  • I have successfully connected to the UM MWireless network prior to starting my exam.

Student In class Pre-Exam checklist:

  • I am connected the MWireless network.
  • I have closed all running programs before starting Lockdown Browser.

Student Post- Exam checklist:

  • I contacted Nursing-IT by sending email to with the subject line “UMSN Respondus Help” to troubleshoot an issue I had using Respondus Lockdown Browser during my exam.