Preparing our graduates as scientists, scholars, and leaders

Why the University of Michigan School of Nursing?

The University of Michigan School of Nursing isn’t just about one aspect of nursing; it’s about the synergy of education, research, and service. Fulfilling our tri-faceted mission, we don’t just provide the staging ground for nursing leaders in current and emerging healthcare systems, we also use research to innovate new ways of providing care and serve our communities by implementing our findings.

Leading the Way

Leading the way in knowledge and experience

Our academic programs, from undergraduate to master’s, PhD and DNP, fuse the critical study of theory with challenging clinical practice. Supported by a state-of-the-art clinical simulation laboratory and partnerships with some of the best clinical mentor-preceptors in the country, we educate highly-skilled nurses and nurse researchers with the cadre of skills essential to providing high-quality healthcare.

Leading the way in scientific discovery

With the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as our primary research sponsor and as a designated PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center, our commitment to advancing the practice of nursing through research is evident. At the U-M School of Nursing, both expert and novice investigators alike find the tools, resources, and environment they need to go beyond conventional wisdom, creating knowledge, advancing the field, improving the health of our communities, and inspiring continued discovery.

Leading the way in care that makes a difference

According to the U-M School of Nursing’s core values, we honor caring for and serving others, no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they live. Relying on the considerable talent and skills housed within our school, we give to communities both locally and globally through the interchange of ideas, the sharing of resources, the teaching of skills, and the direct care of patients.
To help meet the demand for globally-oriented healthcare professionals, the U-M School of Nursing recently announced its Peace Corps Master’s International (MI) program. Master’s students in the School of Nursing who have chosen to add the new Global Health Concentration (GHC) to their degree may now fulfill the concentration’s hands-on training requirement through Peace Corps service work. The U-M School of Nursing is the first and only school of nursing to offer this special opportunity.
In choosing the U-M School of Nursing, you choose to become part of a community of nursing scholars, but you also choose to study at the University of Michigan -- a top-ranked and world-recognized leader in higher education and research. Being a Michigan student means undeniable access to the resources and experiences that turn getting a degree into the opportunity to explore, research, engage, strive, and learn: a comprehensive library system boasting over 7.5 million volumes, the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) with 1.2 million square feet of research space and a $1 billion research budget, a network of skilled interdisciplinary colleagues and collaborators, the list goes on…

Join us to find out for yourself why the University of Michigan has over 480,000 living alumni worldwide. Join us and become one of the leaders and best.