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NURS 805 - Grant Writing

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced):

Credits: 2.00

Grant Writing --- The course is one of three PhD seminars designed to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to meet PhD milestones: conducting a systematic synthesis of research, writing a grant, and preparing publications. This course focuses on preparing students to write research proposals. This is a seminar/ workshop style course, and is not driven by didactic teaching, That is, there will be very few lectures or PPT presentations in this course. The course will be workshop style, in which students are expected to work both individually and collectively on the pieces that comprise a research grant. The final deliverable for the course is a final draft of a research proposal. During the course, the instructor will provide instruction and discussion on how to write the pieces of a research grant. Each class will deal with a different part of the research grant, and the course builds such that by the end students should have completed all elements of a research grant to a standard that is sufficient to be submitted to a funding agency. A key element of this course is the student's work with their PhD mentor/s. Students are expected to work extensively with their PhD mentor/s to complete the elements of the research proposal. While the instructor will be providing instruction on how to write the elements of the research proposal in class, students will be expected to be working with their mentor/s outside of class time to complete the research proposal pieces. The class contains two tracks: NRSA and non-NRSA. The NRSA track is for those students who are working towards a NRSA proposal. The non-NRSA track is for those students who are working on a research proposal that is to be submitted to a funding agency other than NRSA. 90% of the content for the two tracks is the same. All students are expected to attend all lectures and participate in all course work.