Course details

NURS 782 - LAI Immersion

Prerequisite (Advisory): Permission of instructor required if enforced prerequisites are not met.

Prerequisite (Enforced): NURS 504 and 533 and 539 and HS 510

Credits: 1.00 - 3.00 (Credits may vary by Program Plan)

Leadership, Analytics and Innovation (LAI) Immersion --- This course provides students with a hands-on immersion to develop diverse skills through individualized mentored experiences. Students will apply knowledge, skills and key competencies to support the interconnected needs of diverse individuals, institutions, and populations across the health care system continuum and/or in a variety of health care industries. This immersion focuses on post-graduate career goals and creates focused competence to prepare for a variety of future forward leadership, role based on student's interests and experiences. Immersion experiences are crafted to support designated specialty role competencies and criteria.