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NURS 677 - Midwifery I V

Prerequisite (Advisory): Permission of instructor and NURS 676.

Prerequisite (Enforced):

Credits: 5.00

Integration of Midwifery Care to the Woman, Mother, and/or Newborn with Complex Health Conditions --- This course is designed to provide the student with a clinical practicum to synthesize the management of health care for women during the childbearing cycle (including management of newborns) and primary women's health care into one entity and to practice as a professional nurse-midwife.  It will build on earlier learning and present new opportunities for decision making, childbirth education and management of care of families with varying issues, cultures, and beliefs.  This course prepares the student to practice in a nurse-midwifery service which subscribes to the ACNM Standards for the Practice of Nurse-Midwifery. This course will utilize a self-mastery learning approach.  The student will seek out clinical experience and theoretical/research based support to meet the course objectives. Learning experiences may include lectures, seminars, conferences, supervised demonstrations, return demonstrations, supervised laboratory experiences, multi-media aids, models and mannequins, observation experiences, supervised clinical experiences, clinical service, and clinical conferences. Teaching methods include seminar discussion, presentations, clinical laboratory, supervised clinical practice, pre and post conferences, collegial practice with CNM preceptors, other fun and joyous activities.