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NURS 496 - Role Transition

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): NURS 370, NURS 371, NURS 372, NURS 373, one PNE between PNE 300-324, one PNE between PNE 325-349, one PNE between PNE 350-374, and one PNE between PNE 375-399

Credits: 2.00

Role Transition and Professional Practice --- In this course, students will synthesize role and professional concepts presented throughout the curriculum. Concepts will include crucial conversations, standards of practice, law, ethics, networking, mentoring, policy, and advocacy for self and patients/families. These will be applied to ideas related to their upcoming transition into practice. Students will generate strategies for successful practice as a novice professional nurse. During the course, the student will integrate professional practice standards into their beginning practice. They will reflect on personal beliefs and responses to entering professional practice and examine how organizational culture effects transition into practice. The course also includes the importance of personal accountability and selfcare. Furthermore, leadership and innovation in transforming professional nursing will be explored with consideration of continued personal career progression.