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NURS 494 - Context of Care II

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): NURS 370, NURS 371, NURS 372, NURS 373, one PNE between PNE 300-324, one PNE between PNE 325-349, one PNE between PNE 350-374, and one PNE between PNE 375-399

Credits: 3.00

Context of Care II --- This course provides a broad view of the context of health care within a complex socioeconomic, political, and legal environment. Issues such as access to care and health disparities, accelerating costs, regulation, policy, care transitions, and changes in science and health care delivery are discussed. Topics also include personalized medicine and virtual care. The delivery of innovative, safe, and quality care by inter-professional teams to individuals and community populations within diverse, complex contexts will be examined. Students will explore how the dynamic environment influences patient care outcomes and professional nursing practice through the lens of the Ecological Model. Patient advocacy across all care settings using social justice concepts will be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to integrate ethical principles into their advocacy for patients, families, groups, and populations.