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NURS 480 - Population Health

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): NURS 370, NURS 371, NURS 372, NURS 373, one PNE between PNE 300-324, one PNE between PNE 325-349, one PNE between PNE 350-374, and one PNE between PNE 375-399

Credits: 2.00

Population Health --- This course explores the concept of community/population as client. Students will examine population-focused methods of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation, and will develop a comprehensive understanding of population-focused strategies to improve equity and reduce health disparities in local, community, and global settings. The course emphasizes the public health nurse's role in addressing health care needs of populations using systems theory, epidemiology, levels of prevention, and the national agenda for population health. The influence of socio-economic and physical environments is examined as they influence the health of populations.