Course details

NURS 373 - Behavioral Health

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): NURS 232 and 233 and 234 and 236 and 238 and 240 and 244 and 245 and 262 and one PNE between PNE 200-225

Credits: 3.00

Behavioral Health --- This theory course focuses on the influence of biology and the environment on people's emotions, behavior, and cognition. The emphasis is on promotion of mental health and intervention with people who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, or cognitive difficulties. It incorporates psychological, emotional, biological, social and spiritual elements, including discussion of genetics and social determinants that impact mental health and mental illness. Students will examine how behavioral health issues are related to other conditions such as medical illnesses. Topics such as addition, stigma, and suicide are addressed. Importance is on learning skills to create meaningful relationships through communications, skills that promoter healthy functioning. Students will explore how families, communities, societies, and culture impact mental health and interventions.