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NURS 370 - Reproductive Health

Prerequisite (Advisory):

Prerequisite (Enforced): NURS 232 and 233 and 234 and 236 and 238 and 240 and 244 and 245 and 262 and one PNE between PNE 200-225

Credits: 3.00

Care of the Family: Reproductive Health --- In this course students will be challenged to think critically about aspects of female and male reproductive health using a continuum of care approach from health promotion to health restoration. The effect that culture, society, policy, environment, technology, economic and ethical factors have on childbearing and reproductive health will be analyzed. The factors influencing the expression of human sexuality in the context of gender and age will be explored. Students will examine the physiological and psychosocial basis of reproductive health, pregnancy, birth, postpartum period. The importance of communication, reflection of personal beliefs and values will be discussed. Students will evaluate current research and evidence that informs nursing care related to reproductive health.